How Can You Like to Run?

As one of the few runners (or maybe only runner) where I work, I many times have to put up with a lot of snide comments, jokes and outright dislike. There are people who politely asked me if I ran “a marathon” this weekend….any run is a marathon to most non-runners.


There is no doubt that I need to contain my excitement when I talk about running because (1) non-runners don’t understand or care (2) people can legitimately get tired of other people’s past times. I get tired of hearing about deer killing (hunting), morel mushroom finding, kids excelling in sports, basketball brackets (the only sport that I don’t like), drunken weekends, misbehaving teenagers…etc. (3) Lazy people do not care to hear about active people’s lives (4) I should remain mysterious about it to fuck with them.

But this morning, someone asked me a question that I could spend the rest of the day answering “How in the world can you like running?”  This person was not being sarcastic or snide but it was a legitimate inquiry.

I think the first thing that came out of my mouth was that I didn’t like running in the same sense that I liked watching football or playing with Daniel and Sadie or having sex (I just thought the sex thing and didn’t say it. I am the manager here so talking about sex is NEVER a good idea).  🙂

I didn’t go any further than that answer with him but it did get me thinking so I could be better prepared for an honest inquiry that might come in the future versus someone being a smart ass asking a dumb question to try in someway to belittle someone. I answer that type a question with “I run to piss you off” or “because you can’t”  kinda answer.

Here is a list of reasons that I love (obsessed to non runners) running:

~ It relieves stress, sadness, anxiety or anger as soon as my feet hit the pavement

~It allows my husband to like me (truth). If I’m particularly bitchy…he will say “baby, please run” (note: women are the only ones who can call other women bitchy without getting hit or a lawsuit) ♥

~It burns a shitload of calories

~I feel a sense of freedom (not able to fully explain or understand)

~It’s “me” time (unless running with my hubby or group runs)

~I feel strong

~I can plan, analyze and make decisions about complicated things

~I can fantasize (about men, women, careers, winning the powerball..etc)

~It challenges my body, mind & will

~I feel very special

~I feel sexy

~I love how my calves look (no skinny jeans for this girl)

~I love that my resting heart rate hovers about 50-55

~I love donuts and other pastries

~I want to live a long life

~I want to set an example for Daniel and Sadie…and anyone else who cares about me

~Independence (I don’t have to rely on anyone to help me)

~I look hot in my compression pants

~Because once when I weighed almost 300 lbs, I could not run

~It sets me apart

~My fees go to great charities

~Free tech shirts plus medals

~That “fleeting” runners high

~My quads are awesome

~I meet new people (my own kind….runners)

~Sky high energy level most of the time

~It improves my health

~My heart is strong

~It’s a versatile exercise

~It makes me feel good and happy

~It wears me out and I sleep like a baby

ok, you get it and each time I run….I can usually add another thing to this list

Today, my oldest canine baby is 5.  The day I reluctantly let Peyton come into my life….I started to become a better person. I have no doubt about that. Happy birthday, baby! 🙂

Baby Peyton

Baby Peyton

Peyton jumped from the backseat into my lap for some loving on our trip last weekend to STL.
Peyton jumped from the backseat into my lap for some loving on our trip last weekend to STL.


Peyton and Eli make me feel happy, content, patient, loving, responsible, organized, sometimes stressed, sometimes pissed off but most of all, they make me feel loved and needed.

~Love a Dog~


9 thoughts on “How Can You Like to Run?

  1. Ohhh my gosh, Peyton, Peyton, Peyton…what a cutie pie!!! SO CUTE!!! Happy Birthday!!!!
    I love all of your reasons that you love running!!! I love how running makes you feel sexy and happy and you’re right, running races is a great support for charities!!!

    1. I know…I love my furbabies! There are so many reasons to run. I really love that my money goes for charities. June 15, I run in “Race for the Cure” for my mother who had breast cancer. I run for many stray rescued dog charities, under priviledged kids, cancer research..on and on. I don’t mind paying money for that and I get so much pleasure also. Hope your day was good, Kristin!

  2. I love this post! I’ve stopped talking at work, and to most of my non – running friends because they genuinely seemed irritated by it and I am irrationally irritated by some of the jokes/statements I get (the thinking every race is a marathon is a big one! Not that I’m a distance snob, I race a lot of different distances….I just feel like basic racing distances should be common knowledge). I love your list of reasons for loving running! Especially feeling sexy and loving parts of your body! I love your confidence and it is well earned! Hope you have a great weekend! 🙂

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