Rungry Like the Wolf

 The more miles I run, the more I worry about gaining weight!

run•chies [run-chees] nthe overwhelming, gotta-stuff-my-face feeling experienced by runners and athletes alike, typically characterized by a desperate need for carbs, sugar and fatty goodness ~  from “The Runchies Blogger” 


I’ve seen other runners refer to it as “Rungry

It is true that running burns more calories per hour than any other cardio exercise. I have taken a huge chunk of fat off my body by a good diet and running which I am grateful for. But let’s talk about the other side of that…..stuffing your face like a pig after a hard, long run.

Maybe I’m experiencing it more now because my miles per week are increasing and my body needs the calories to recover.

After I ran my last half marathon in April, I couldn’t eat enough for the following 2 or 3 days.

I’m still a few pounds under my original goal weight but I did want to take off a few more pounds to aid me in my 26.2 mile quest….but with my appetite today, I don’t see that happening.

I did read and posted about it from “running experts and coaches” that an average sized woman should eat 2000-2500 calories per day during the marathon training.


I have also read that it is typical that someone training for the marathon may gain weight. What??? I don’t want or need that.


At the present, I still try to stick to a 1300 calorie diet per day but that’s net meaning that if I burn calories, I can eat more. That’s one of the “secrets” of my 130+ lb weight loss. That’s how running helped me. If I set my calories at 1100 per day and I burned 300 running or other exercise, I could eat 1400 calories a day and still lose the weight. That was my simple formula for losing weight. If I indulged in a Cadbury egg, I’d do something to burn 150 more calories to stay within my goal. I am a big proponent of wearing a heart monitor while exercising, gardening, mowing…etc to get a more accurate calorie burn count.

I really want to take off a few pounds. In mid June when I start my structured training, I was going to increase my calories to ~1700 calories.


So far, I have eaten all but 300 of my days allotted calories and it’s only 5 pm and a Friday night….what about dinner, what about a glass of wine?? HA!

♦~Eat Up~♦



10 thoughts on “Rungry Like the Wolf

  1. Oh yeah! I get the runchies bad! I try to make sure I eat enough without going overboard. I usually start around 1500 calories then 100 more for every mile I run. Which means some of my long run days I’m eating 3000-3500 calories! Haha I still end up loosing 5-8 pounds by the time I start my taper. Great job on your training and increased miles!

    1. Thanks and I do feel better. I’m 5’8″ and 155ish lbs so I wish I were a bit lighter. I was hoping the training process would take a few lbs off. Thanks for the tip re: 100 cal per mile after your base cals.

  2. Runchies is funny! I’m training for a half and I am having problems losing weight as well.. It’s become disheartening but I love running so I just need to figure out what my problem is :/

    1. I think I will continue to lose a little weight but some days I could eat a house! lol I know I can’t do that everyday I need to be careful of the kind of calories I eat. I like using running as a method to take off lbs but most runners don’t agree with that. They believe you shouldn’t try to lose weight while training. Good luck with your half marathon. You look great, btw 🙂

  3. Hey!!! Hope you’re having a great weekend so far!!! I think you’re doing a fabulous job of balancing running and eating!!! It’s never easy balancing out working out so hard + eating the perfect amount, but you’re doing it!!! You’re fabulous!!! Xoxo!!!!

  4. Good luck with the losing weight. I’m sure it’s hard to balance how much to eat when you’re running so much and so dang rungry! I guess the scale can give you a clue if you’re eating too much. On the other hand, there’s always not eating enough, entering in starvation mode and no weight loss and no energy. I look forward to hearing how this progresses for you.

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