Running Commando

We got up early this morning, ate breakfast, fed and walked the dogs and took off for our 8 mile run.

It started out as 7 miles but I convinced Kevin to go for 8. I haven’t run 8 miles since my half marathon on Apr 6 so it was about time that I break through that 7 mile wall.

may 24, 2014 8 miles

I have done nothing but research running products to try and marathon nutrition sites. YouTube is a great medium for seeing product reviews.

I’m still in the search for shoes and went to several places today but did not buy any. I did buy new compression and running wear, Endura Instant Cooling towel, Nathan Quickshot Hydration, and Body Glide.


It’s funny but there was a discussion for the last few days on RunJunkEes FB page about women wearing or not wearing underwear. All the women on the site declared Saturday “Commando Running”  so I participated and I will say I loved it! I didn’t have to worry about tugging on my undies during the run, it felt airy, and one of the ladies on there said she felt a bit naughty! 🙂 I will say that wearing black Under Armour running pants helps to hide the sweat! HA! The comments from the men on the FB page were hilarious and many didn’t ever think women did that and will now have a whole new view of running with women! It’s not new to women and I’ve done it before. Let’s just hope men don’t do that! 🙂


I completed my week with my biggest amount of running miles to date: 24.27 miles. Of course that will get bigger during July until October.

After my run, I didn’t get the runchies as bad today for some reason. My calorie intake hasn’t been bad but did I have wine, bread, and gorgonzola cheese for dinner. Not one of the best diets for a 54 year old runner! 🙂

I have enjoyed my Memorial Day weekend so far.  I look forward to the next 2 days of doing just whatever the hell I want to!

~Go Commando~



8 thoughts on “Running Commando

  1. Nice work on your run!!! You’re a sexy lady!!! I love your running picture!!! Woohoo!!! Get it!!! 😉 🙂 Enjoy the rest of your weekend beauty!!!!

  2. Too funny, Charlotte! I needed a smile after last night’s Hawks loss. 😦 Yeah, going commando wouldn’t be the same for us. Lots of things can get knotted up. 😉 I hope that you’re having fun on this long weekend!

  3. Too funny! I’m crazy and go commando all the time! I don’t like to worry about my underwear and then thinking of being in wet, sweaty underwear has no appeal to me! Good ok ya for participating! !

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