Give It a Rest, Runner Girl

I am high-strung and uptight lately…..

I am learning how to do longer runs but I am not learning how to do rest days. I should be getting 2 per week but I rarely do.

On one of my down days, I mow the lawn, weed-eat and pull weeds from butterfly gardens and walk the dogs a little longer but that’s usually all I can tolerate.


Last Monday I took a rest day but was anxious all night and didn’t sleep well. One of the reasons may be that I am wanting to lose about 10 more lbs before Oct 19 marathon. The other reason is that if I don’t run…I don’t feel like I am doing the right things in order to finish that 26.2.

Ten ways to know if you need rest in this article –Ā “Time to Rest?”

I am already training at a level that is a few weeks ahead of the structured training from Hal Higdon’s – 1st Time Marathon. Below are my training schedules for anyone bored enough to be interested! šŸ™‚

Charlotte's June Training
Charlotte’s June Training
Charlotte's July Training
Charlotte’s July Training
Charlotte's August Training
Charlotte’s August Training
Charlotte's September Training
Charlotte’s September Training
Charlotte's October Training
Charlotte’s October Training

So for 3 weeks or so, I am going to concentrate on trying to lose ~8 – 10 lbs. I know that will make it easier for me to finish. At the 3rd week of July, I should be ready to progress to those extra miles.

So I’ll start taking my rest days, do my cross-training days, lower my calories a bit, eat healthier, cut back on wine…..and prepare to put myself through so much abuse that only someone crazy would do that.

Calling a runner “crazy” is a compliment šŸ™‚

~Rest Up~



13 thoughts on “Give It a Rest, Runner Girl

  1. You will be fine šŸ™‚ trust me, once you get up into some high mileage weeks mid training you will be loving those rest days. For now, keep calm and do whatever feels good to you!

  2. Yes. Only a runner hears the compliment in the words “crazy” and “insane”…. Your calendar is crazy busy. Like mine isn’t Lols. I only run 3 days a week. But do yoga pilates and barbells the rest of the week. Did my first HM two weeks ago. Will do two more HMs in Sept and Oct. And should be ready for a full next year. Stay strong. But keep going.

    1. I really do need to learn some yoga. I want to but never have tried it. I watch people do it at the gym. šŸ™‚ Congratulations on your HM. I have done 3 but the one in April was my strongest. It was the next day that I knew I had to register for the Full. Many days I worry I can’t do it but I have to try. Thanks for reading and good luck on your Marathon!

      1. Thank you! I’ve missed y’all too!

        I’m much better! My MIL is doing great! She was able to come home 8 days after surgery! We just pray that the liver likes its’ new home! šŸ™‚

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