Running Hot

I worked my partial day today. The more that I work with people, the more I love my dogs….

I was home by noon. It was already hot and humid. I debated all the way home whether to run, not run, run on the road, run with the dogs or run on the treadmill. This was what I was thinking the entire way on my 40 minute drive home from work.

I felt skinny all day and I weighed when I got home. I am not one who weighs anymore but Iย just wanted to today. I was about 2 lbs less than my last weight! Yeah! I was doing a happy dance. ๐Ÿ™‚

The dogs were begging for a walk and I needed a run or I knew I would not enjoy the rest of my day. So I ran with Peyton and Eli.

It was not bad. I ran a 3.1 mile in 33 and some changeย minutes but that wasn’t bad due to the heat and Eli had to stop to poop and Peyton had to stop and potty a couple of times. By mile 2, I was dragging both the dogs…did I mention it was hot and humid? HA! Those dogs were tired as hell for the rest of the afternoon and I got some laundry and housework done.

Tired and Waiting on Daddy
Tired and Waiting on Daddy

I enjoyed the run pretty much and I sweated so I don’t know what’s going on with that but I liked it!

Check that sweat! :-)
Check that sweat! ๐Ÿ™‚

Maybe I’m learning to run well in heat? We’ll see….7 miles in Forest Park in the morning.

I’m all packed and about to make that 2 hour drive to St. Louis.

I just remembered that we left our air conditioning off when we left the apartment to come back home a couple of weeks ago. It should be nice and warm when we get there.ย  I see a couple of cold ones in my future tonight when I get in town in an outdoor setting where our dogs can join us. They love getting that attention from others. Eli usually acts badly around other dogs. He’s not mean but he just sits and barks…and loudly!

I can’t wait to see my Daniel and Sadie tomorrow afternoon.

I signed up for for those runner’s packages for $15 a month. I’m like a kid at Christmas!

~Meet Me In St. Louie, Louie~ย 


11 thoughts on “Running Hot

  1. Great job on your run and awww, I love that you run with your dogs!! That’s too cute!!! I’m so happy you ran a great time and I hope you have a fabulous weekend!!! I love how much you cherish your dogs!! Love it!!! So sweet!!

  2. Way to go, Charlotte! I don’t know how you can run in the heat and humidity. I don’t deal with it well. It’s great when the dogs get tired out, isn’t it? When my dog gets wiped out from playing a lot, it feels good knowing that he got his exercise as well.

  3. Love the sweat! I hadn’t heard of stridebox, but seen the concept with beauty products. I might sign up for that, I love having the present man (ups) visit me and I don’t know much yet about running products. I’m trying to figure out what a place could be where you could have a couple cold ones and have your dogs hang out with you? Have a great weekend and enjoy your run in the park.

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