Lights Out

When I woke up and took the dogs out to potty at 6 am, I knew this day was going to be steamy.

We ate a light breakfast, fed and walked the dogs. I was very tired after walking them so running 7 miles wasn’t looking very fun…but I did.

The first couple of miles went well and then came the hills…and the heat…and the bitching from Kevin! I hope he doesn’t read this post! 🙂

I don’t know why he goes with me anyway. I’m happy that he runs with me on long runs but he only wants to do so much and I have to push it each Saturday on the long runs.

I did finish my 7 miles but at a slow pace. I took water and the cooling towel and maybe it helped a bit. I was very tired afterward but after a shower, a short nap and something to eat, I felt good.

My big toes feel like hell. Left toenail is already black and I’m sure the right one is about to be. I lost the left big toenail last year after my first HM. I just hope they come off and heal before the marathon in Oct.

I plan a separate page on my blog “1st Marathon Training” beginning June 16th to chronicle my marathon training, feelings, nutrition and notes about how the training is going. Rest day will be scheduled on June 16 and June 17 will start the run training for anyone interested.

We met up with Allison, Daniel and Sadie for lunch at Wildflower in CWE. Daniel came home with us and spending the night.

There have been bad storms in the city all day. I saw runners getting caught out in the rain and I was a bit jealous.

I ate healthy most of the day until after 10 pm. I should NEVER wait so late to eat dinner but we were visiting at m son’s house for a while I ate a hotdog and 2 big pieces of baklava for well over 2000 calories today! I burned 1000 calories on my run. I had a terrible eating day 😦

When we got home from visiting the my son’s house, our entire block had no electricity! The dogs had been in the pitch dark for 2 hours. Storms scare my dogs and storms in the dark had them petrified. They will have nightmares about this night!


~Stay Cool~


8 thoughts on “Lights Out

  1. Don’t worry about the calories! You’re really rocking it right now! You’ll be ready for your race. The only thing that I would advise you on is to not watch hockey tonight, ok?



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