They’ll Just Eat Your Brains

I enjoyed my Sunday very much!

Daniel spent the night with us last night and we always have a good time with him. He makes me feel like a kid when I’m around him. I’m his playmate. We took our usual exploration walk through Forest Park while Popeye (Kevin) walked the dogs with us.

We climbed trees, shot Nerf bullets at dog poop (that was Daniel only), skipped rocks, pretended we were super heroes with awesome powers, and killed Zombies along the way.

Me: Let’s run the zombies will kill us

Daniel: No, they’ll just eat your brains


Daniel did mention that he wanted to run in a “Zombie Run” with me. There is one coming to St. Louis in August and it would be fun but I think it would be too much for him. And he does get a little scared of zombies even though he spent a great deal of time trying to convince me they are not real! 🙂 He was explaining so hard that he got scared just talking about them!


Also, I’d be worried that I might get hurt on the obstacles and I wouldn’t need an injury while I’m in training for the October marathon.

It was very warm and the humidity was so thick you could almost see it. But we enjoyed our Forest Park walk for 70 minutes or so until the dogs got ready to go into the air conditioning! 🙂

We went shopping for shoes, clothes for Daniel and Sadie. I bought a new roller for my sore muscles to leave at the apartment so I don’t have to take the one I have here back and forth.

After we took Daniel home, I was getting antsy to run before we headed back to our home in Columbia 2 hours away.

I ran the streets of our neighborhood for 3.2 miles in the steamy temperatures! I did take my water and I have found that helps and may even help me sweat.  I was beat when I finished but so happy that I did it. I showered and drank a ice cold beer and we packed up the bags and dogs and hit the road for home.

I finished May with having run 95.2 miles. That was my biggest month ever. I am doing a 100 mile challenge for June. That may be tough with the temps the way that they are right now.

I’ll try to get a rest day tomorrow but it’s also time for mowing and weedeating. All the rain this weekend made our lawn look like a rain forest.

I haven’t  had much time this weekend to catch up on other people’s blogs and I will do that tomorrow at work! HA!



4 thoughts on “They’ll Just Eat Your Brains

  1. WOW, what a great month for you!!! That’s soooo exciting!!! Lots and lots of running!!! Great job!!! You are working so very hard!!! I’m glad you had a fabulous weekend! Have a nice Monday! 🙂 🙂

  2. Sounds like a lot of fun with Daniel. I guess if the zombies eat your brains out you become a zombie! Congrats on 95 miles, that’s awesome! And for running in the heat. Nice weekend.

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