Sex and the Runner

I follow so many runner’s pages on Facebook and I spend some time before I go to bed reading up on them.

I only really get to talk about running to my husband (also a runner), on my blog and runner’s pages on Facebook. They are the only ones who can tolerate runners talking about body glide, bleeding nipples, black toenails, chaffed asses, PRs, fartleks, tempo runs etc….

I saw a conversation thread that has apparently been going on for a couple of days. I finally got in on the conversation.

“I run with male friends, should my husband be jealous?”

I can’t believe what the majority of the people and many are men are saying in response to that.

I’ll say up front that I am not typically a jealous person. I go to Mardi Gras and give up my precious awesome beads so Kevin can see boobies! I like looking at them myself so I’m pretty secure in my relationship with Kevin.

But, if Kevin started spending hours at a time running long runs with another woman who was not his relative….I’d be jealous.


Those runners are acting like if her husband doesn’t understand….that means they have marital issues….are these people just stupid or lying?

I think it is human nature to be jealous. Not just human….hell, my dogs are jealous of each other.

If a woman spends 4 hours with another man, getting sweaty and emotional with endorphins raging on a secluded nature trail and her husband doesn’t have a bit of the green monster…he’s naive at best and probably just stupid…or he doesn’t care….pick your poison.


If Kevin tells me he is having a 10 mile run with a woman he works with….when he gets home, it won’t be a smiling wife with dinner waiting on him! lol

Kevin is jealous of me, also. He even questions men friends on my Facebook and blogs that he doesn’t know. It doesn’t ruin our marriage for Pete’s sake and in some ways…I kind of like it. I’m friends with my ex-husband and Kevin and I have invited him to our home for Christmas dinner. He is my son’s father and grandpa to Daniel and Sadie so he is still in my life.

So, I’m saying Kevin and I are not so jealous that we question 99.9% of the things each of us do apart….but we are also human.

I still can’t believe 90 out 100 roughly post on that thread act like that woman’s husband is an insecure man.

I will admit that occasionally on a run, I fantasize about sex with Tom Brady, Shemar Moore, Derek Jeter, Ryan Gosling (hehe)….but for the most part,Β when I’m running…I think about my shin splints, tweaked knees, pulled butt muscle, aching quads, sweating and chaffing butt…and not so much about sex.

There’s time for that after the run….

~Runners Do It On the Pavement~


11 thoughts on “Sex and the Runner

  1. Oh, yes, jealousy is human nature! And, I’m pretty sure that running with the opposite sex (just the two of you) is inviting trouble! Ooo, that pic of Ryan is adorable (and funny!)

  2. I love that my husband is my running partner!!! I agree with you!!! My husband does, too!! Neither of us would feel comfortable running with someone else!!! We love the intimate running time that we spend together and it would never feel right spending it with any other person!!!

    1. I agree, Kristin! I am happy that my husband runs with me. Sometimes, he complains and holds me back but I still like it. haha I mostly like running alone except on long runs. πŸ™‚

  3. Really interesting thoughts here. My initial reaction was that NO WAY would I get jealous and I would hope that my husband wouldn’t too. But running is a very emotional thing for me. I train alone but really I wish I could run with him. He doesn’t run though so I’m SOL.

    1. lol My husband wouldn’t get jealous nor would I if it were a group of people with men and women. Mostly, I’d get jealous because I wouldn’t be running with them. lol I just can’t see him letting me go out day after day with the same dude running and sweating together. πŸ™‚

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