#June100Miles Challenge

I felt like I was coming down with something last night. I was dead tired after I mowed and weed-eated the lawn more than usual. I had a slight sore throat and maybe a fever.

I went to bed early and woke up not feeling well. It didn’t help that the temperature was in the 90s today and humidity at 94%.

I’m overworked and stressed at work lately plus I work for a micro-managing, narcissistic misogynist. I left work early to come home and lay on the couch for a while! 🙂

I took a nap and got antsy again about not running. I ran my fastest 3.2 miles on the treadmill at 27:28. I love the sweat that I work up on that treadmill. I dread like hell getting on it but when I do, I love it. I think it may help me with my pace also.

I’m all showered, in pajamas and reading about what?? Running of course.

Daniel’s class sang at Busch Stadium tonight before the Cardinals v. Royals. Kevin and I were peeing ourselves laughing at it. Allison sent us the video. Daniel always steals the show. He is a performer! I thought I could post the video on here but I can’t unless I pay for the service..I guess.

Daniel loves pretty girls. If you see a group of girls…you will see him in the middle of them! Here he is helping them pass out St. Louis Cardinal Banners. 🙂


I still don’t feel well but I am so glad that I got on that treadmill for my  #June100Miles Challenge. Don’t forget that tomorrow June 4th is “National Running Day”

Do download your own badge. Just click on my badge:


Challenge yourself to run tomorrow even if for just for a few minutes.

It’s time for my juice snack….remember I told you that Kevin bought a juicer and juices everything! 🙂 Apple, carrot and ginger for tonight.

I’d rather have yogurt and grapenuts but I don’t want to hurt his feelings.

I do actually like that one ok. I’m just not into green juice. Especially if it smells like grass.

That sweet bed is calling my name.

~Dream On~


11 thoughts on “#June100Miles Challenge

  1. I hope you’re feel better! Glad you got on the treadmill! Maybe it’ll help whatever is making you feel bad get out of your system faster! 🙂

    Daniel is adorable! I bet the girls love him just as much as he loves them! lol

    I love juicing, BUT I’m with you, not if it smells like grass! lol

    1. Thanks Lisa, I do feel better today. Maybe I was just needing a bit of time away from my work! I went to bed so early last night it was still daylight outside! You have a great day. Storms moving through here so my poor dogs will be a nervous mess all day!

      1. So glad to hear you’re feeling better! Sometimes just getting away and getting some rest is all you need. 🙂 I hope your day is great too! And that the storms won’t be bad enough to worry the pups. Mine don’t like storms either. 😦

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