10 Miles in the Rain

Happy birthday to my playmate, lover, friend and husband. 🙂


Kevin and I had an awesome 10.1 mile run on MKT/KATY Trail and the entire run was in the rain! You know that pleased me. It was a slow drizzle which is the way I like it except for a couple periods of  harder rain.

The trail was beautiful and full of life minus the humans except for a few warriors like us running or biking. We saw frogs, turtles, birds and deer. It was nice.

We have spent most of the rest of the day doing nothing but hanging around with Peyton and Eli. I didn’t mind the rain today because I wanted the rest and if it was pretty outside we’d feel like we needed to be outside doing it.

Daniel and Sadie did facetime (iPhone Video) with Popeye (Kevin) and they told him happy birthday and I talked with them a while.

I finished my week with 25.76 miles run #June100Miles Challenge. That’s my highest week so far.

Kevin and I have enjoyed our relaxing day doing just what he wanted to do….run 10 on the trail and nothing else!

We went shopping for running gear for Kevin. New shoes are on the horizon when he decides which: Merrill or Altra. He runs in both. He is a zero drop (minimalist) runner. I am not at all.

The dogs have been clingy and loving all day. They got plenty of walks, a few snacks and plenty of love and crashed out on the sofa now.



I ran 10 miles but feel like I’ve had a rested day….

~Rainy Night In CoMo~


3 thoughts on “10 Miles in the Rain

  1. Nice job! I certainly consider this kind of day to be the perfect Sunday 🙂 And your pups are just so beautiful, I love seeing pictures of them! Keep up the good work toward your 100 miles June challenge, you’re an inspiration!

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