Rest Day….Yeah, Right!

I had a hard time understanding that I needed a rest from running. My right knee was slightly tweaked this morning but felt fine when I took the dogs for their morning walk.

We decided that since it was a fairly cool morning, we would take Peyton and Eli to “Twin Lakes” dog park for them to socialize and play in water. It made my heart happy to see them having a good time. We are having some discipline problems with Eli and worried about how he would act with other dogs. They had a great time and love the water and trails. 🙂 Later, though, Peyton is limping and I am sad and full of guilt because it was my idea to take them. They ran so much and swam…I guess that was too much movement for Peyton. He is limping on his right hind leg. He can hardly walk. It was so sad because he loved it so much. I imagined that I could see them both smiling. 🙂


Eli was a good boy and played hard and socialized well with the other dogs. Peyton is always good and LOVES the water. Both loved the water.

Kevin and I went downtown CoMo (Columbia, MO) to get lunch at one of our favorites “Shiloh Bar and Grill.” I am a buffalo chicken wrap connoisseur and they have a good one. I had a bloody mary, also.


We came home and rested a bit and took a sweet afternoon nap! I never do that and it felt so good.

I did laundry, mowed the lawn and weeded my flower gardens.

I also did my extreme kettlebell workout on the back patio and worked up a hell of a sweat. My guns look nice! 🙂

I spent 15 minutes on my muscle roller and now all laid out on the couch watching Investigation Discovery.

My rest day was anything but……but I enjoyed it except for my poor cripple Peyton. He seems a bit better now and laying on the couch with his daddy.

I had Dannon Pineapple Greek Yogurt and Grapenuts for dinner due to a bigger lunch.

~Rest Your Bones~

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