I Ain’t Superwoman, Apparently…

I never learn or maybe I’m just not that smart…exercise wise…

I used to be a kettlebell beast. I lost a great deal of my weight by counting calories, running and working out with kettlebells. I learned about them from a trainer that I hired a few years ago. She taught me how to work out with them and I fell in love with that workout.

Kettlebells are unique in that you can weight train and do cardio at the same time. You will build incredible muscle tone, sweat and burn a shitload of calories in less time.

I ruptured a bicep a few years ago (not from kettlebells) and had to give it up. I actually mourned not being able to do KB workouts. The ruptured bicep lead to rotator cuff impingement.

At that time I was less enthused with running than I was with kettlebells. I became depressed and gained about 12 lbs of my hard-earned weight loss. I fell off the healthy wagon..so to speak.

I was under the care of a orthopedic doctor and rehab facility for over a year. I  had numerous steroid shots in my arm and shoulder. Your bicep has 2 tendons that connect to your shoulder and I ruptured the long one. It doesn’t disable me and will never be repaired. There is a surgery for it but since I don’t pitch for the St. Louis Cardinals, I don’t need it. I did need to let it heal which I think I have. I am still very weak in my right arm but I can exercise again. My shoulder impingement seems to be almost healed. So………

Now I am getting back into my kettlebells. I am trying to find a good method that doesn’t take long to do on my cross-training day of my marathon training. That was yesterday.

I did a 30 minute intense workout on my back patio. I have many weights in kettlebells but I decided on going with my lowest weight which is a 15 lb.

I did squats, swings, figure 8s, goblet squats, military press, windmills, kb boxing…many others and I burned several calories in 30 minutes. Squats-swings with kettlebells are very deceiving. They seem so easy and especially with a 15 lb kettlebell.




Kettlebell_High Pull_DCB

I could hardly walk or squat this morning when I feebly got out of bed. I almost had to call in to work for Pete’s sake!

I probably wasn’t going to run today anyway even though the temperatures are nice but I couldn’t run if I wanted to!

I know that I should have eased back into kettlebells but I thought I was fit and hey…15 lbs is nothing!

I’m sore in a good way that I enjoy but I still can barely walk not to mention squat!

I’m off soon to a hot shower and they I’ll watch some “Criminal Minds” and catch up on WordPress blog reading. Peyton’s leg is much better so I am a much happier doggy Mama.

~Swing It~


8 thoughts on “I Ain’t Superwoman, Apparently…

  1. I was so scared that, with the title and first half of this post, you were leading up to saying you had re-injured yourself. That would have been horrible and I’m so glad that is not the case!

    I hope you’ll be able to walk tomorrow. Your legs will definitely be stronger when they recover. 😀

  2. I’m so glad Peyton is feeling better! I’m a mess when my 4 legged babies aren’t feeling well, so I know how you feel. 🙂 The workout sounds awesome! Hopefully you can work KB’s back in to your routine! 🙂

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