A Night Out and a Day Off

I’ve had a weird day that has left me pissed off. I had my car in the shop today for what I thought was a tune up and they called telling me the issue was serious and had to order a part that wouldn’t be in until tomorrow and the car was unsafe to drive. So…I work in a small (podunk to some) little town in northern-mid Missouri and could not get a rental car!

A co-worker brought me home and I live 40 miles away from work. I had to be creative to get a way to work in the morning. +$250 cha-ching!

If I ever needed a run it was today. I had already decided I couldn’t run tonight because of a slight pain in right leg and hip. I don’t think it’s serious but I want to be in good shape for my 5k on Saturday. It’s cool and rainy so it was a perfect day to run! But I needed to pass…

Kevin and I went downtown for date night. Quinton’s is our place that we like to drink a cold beer and I had a Reuben. Afterwards, we walked around our beautiful downtown, Columbia, Missouri. It’s a beautiful night.

“I love this bar
It’s my kind of place
Just walkin’ through the front door
Puts a big smile on my face” 

I Love This Bar ~ Toby Keith

Quinton's, Columbia, MO (Our Bar)
Quinton’s, Columbia, MO (Our Bar)

I resisted going to the local Ice Cream place “Sparky’s”

I ate more calories than I needed and maybe a bit more beer that I should’ve. It was nice and relaxing after a fairly weird and tense day.


Kevin and I had a nice night and I needed it!

I’ll do a nice, slow run tomorrow after I get home for work, then off to St. Louis for the weekend. Race for the Cure 5k in downtown St. Louis on Saturday morning.

Yeah! My daughter in law got the nursing job offer that she wanted in St. Louis at Barnes Jewish hospital. I’m happy and relieved for them. 🙂

It’s about time for me to retire for the night.

~Life’s Funny That Way~


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