Race for the Cure and Family

I was a little bit disappointed with my Race for the Cure 5k in St. Louis this morning. I was going for an all time PR and I was on track for it but my right hamstring was tight when I started and only got worse to the point that I was afraid it would pull.

My time was good and almost 4 minutes better than the same race last year. This 5k is not easy because there are several inclines and it actually starts on one which I hate.


We  hung out for the after the race celebration and came home, walked dogs, ate lunch, showered and crashed out for a nap. That was the best nap that I’ve had in forever!

We took our daughter in law, son, Daniel and Sadie out for dinner for a celebration dinner celebrating my daughter in law’s new career and job in nursing.

We ate at “West End Grill” and they have a  fantastic menu. I had 2 blackberry sangrias which are incredible. I had pan seared trout with poblano corn relish and potatoes with creme fraiche.


We walked around Central West End for a long while. It was a beautiful day in St. Louis and almost no humidity which is rare.

It was good to see my kiddies again and they are a joy. Daniel is spending the night and I’m watching Phinneas and Ferb as I type! 🙂


I’m behind on reading my favorite blogs so hopefully can catch up tomorrow night! It’s been a busy, busy last few days.

~♥Save the Ta-Tas♥~


6 thoughts on “Race for the Cure and Family

  1. Holy yum! Your post race feast looks amazing!! Congrats on shaving so much time off your 5k in a year! That’s fantastic!

  2. Glad you made it through the run and were able to enjoy your day with your kiddos! Sounds like a really great day overall.

  3. Great job on your run!! Hills are never easy!! I know you did your best and should be soooo proud!!! What a wonderful day you had!! Fabulous!! I hope the rest of your weekend was as equally wonderful!!

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