Can’t Trust That Day..

Just another Monday….

I love starting out my official marathon training with a rest day! 🙂

I will chronicle my training mainly for personal purposes to keep up with how it went, what I ate, feelings, gear, things I’ve learned, milestones…etc.

My Marathon Training

I feel like I gained a couple pounds this weekend. I ate good but bad and didn’t run as much as I normally do. I usually do long runs on Saturday but due to the “Race for the Cure 5k”, I only did 3.1 on Saturday.

I have Monday laziness. I finally got my car back today and that did make me happy. I hate being without transportation. I feel claustrophobic not having a mode of transportation.

I asked a co-worker to take me to the shop to get my car this morning and I overheard someone say to someone else “she likes to run, why don’t she just run up there and get it” – typical idiot statement! 🙂

Tall Poppy is was in full micro-managing dick mode today. I could not get out of that place fast enough.

I feel like I should be running but it is hot today and I feel like I’ll have to do 4 miles on that treadmill tomorrow night.

I’m excited about starting my formal marathon training and I am already past the July training schedule. That should make me feel more confident but with the temperatures rising….comes a whole new anxiousness on my part.

I have a short week. I’m off on Friday. Kevin, Daniel and I are going to a Cardinals game Friday and Daniel has a birthday party at Tower Grove Park on Saturday. My baby is turning 7 on Wednesday. I can’t believe it.

I don’t have much to say today. I ate a frozen “Lean Cuisine” spaghetti and meatballs, played with the dogs, showered and now watching “Criminal Minds.”

~Monday, Monday~ 


7 thoughts on “Can’t Trust That Day..

  1. I love being formally in training for something mode, too. It keeps me motivated! Sorry about your douchey coworker. That’s always a pleasant start to the week!

  2. Charlotte, I’m so excited for you!!! Wow, marathon training!!! You’re going to rock it!!! I have no doubt in my mind that you are going to achieve every single goal you set for your marathon!!

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