Save Your Kids

Today was a better day. I stayed busy so didn’t have time to piss and moan (to myself) about my job! 🙂 I shouldn’t do that because I am fortunate and like my job most of the time and the money is good. I have 33 days of vacation each year which I take full advantage of! I have a fairly flexible schedule. So, I should cool it on the bitching. I still have a hard time working for Tall Poppy, though.

It was hotter than hell but I did 4.06 miles in 94 degrees! Today was day 3 of “Marathon Training

Maybe I am being judgmental or maybe I notice it more because I used to be that way (obese). I went downtown today in the small town that I work in. I started noticing that only about 1 out of 10 people were not overweight and most cases obese.

What really made me sad was many of them were teenagers and children. I was heavy as a teenager but I was not obese. I do not buy into the belief that many people are obese because they are poor or come from broken homes but I don’t have stats to dispute that.

I did not raise my son to eat healthy and he is very overweight. I feel guilty about that. I didn’t have any discipline or any desire to cook healthy foods for him. I was such a bad mother in that respect. I wish I could go back and have a do-over. It was my responsibility to prepare and encourage him to eat healthy foods. Fast food and junk food was 80% of our diet then. Well, of course I always had reasons…busy, tired, or just craved the burgers at Burger King.

That being said, once a person becomes an adult, it’s up to them to correct their bad habits and set examples for their children. I never have blamed my upbringing for the fact that I had no discipline and over-ate and was inactive. I could have stopped eating so much. I hated being fat but I guess I didn’t hate it enough.

I wish I could talk to the parents of each of those kids that I saw today that were obese. Of course, I am in no position to try to advise people on that but I want to.

More and more kids are being diagnosed with diabetes, high blood pressure and even heart disease as early as 6 years old. In addition to the health problems, obese kids are made fun of and excluded from important friendships. I read an article that overweight teens are more likely to commit suicide.


Parents use every excuse in the world to justify letting their kids eat junk and virtually sit on their asses all day watching TV or playing video games with no exercise. I include me in that too! I was that person.

Being a fat adult is miserable. Being a fat child is a tragedy.

~Be a Role Model~


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