Daniel & a Caricature

Another hot and humid day in Mid-Missouri! Work was busy and the day passed fast and on that drive home I dreaded having to do my run the entire way home.

I am on day 4 of my “Marathon Training

It was a short run but so hot outside that I did in on the treadmill. I usually enjoy the treadmill once I get on it but not today. Those 3.09 miles dragged on.

I won a free caricature of me running on “I Love to Run

Charlotte Caricature from Ebibs at I <3 to Run
Charlotte Caricature from Ebibs at I ❀ to Run

After a shower, Kevin and I went to Toys ‘R Us to get Daniel’s birthday present. We got him a guitar. It looks pretty nice for a kid’s guitar. Kevin and my son play the guitar so maybe they can have a “jam.”

7 years ago today was the best day of my life. Daniel has given me many more best days for the last 7 years.

Daniel James Roosevelt N (6-18-2007)

Daniel James Roosevelt N (6-18-2007)

Kevin and I are heading to our St. Louis apartment tomorrow night. I’ll get a longer run Friday morning and we are taking Daniel to a Cardinals game Friday night. He has his birthday party Saturday with family and his little friends in Tower Grove Park.

It’s time for bed before I eat everything in the fridge #runchies

~Happy Birthday Daniel~



6 thoughts on “Daniel & a Caricature

  1. That’s a pretty cool caricature! What a sweet newborn photo of Daniel. I hope you have a great birthday weekend celebrating. Jam sessions with adults Daniel admires would be awesome! That’s how my nephew started with guitar (he’s 10 now) by jamming with his dad and big sister. He takes lessons too where they encourage playing with others.

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