BBQ and Kids

It has been a busy and awesome last 2 days. Last night we took Daniel to a Cardinals game. They lost. There was a rain delay so we left before the game was over. It was almost 10:30 pm before we got him home and his other granddad was there waiting to see him. I felt bad on that timing. I usually try to not interfere on other grandparents visits because they usually come from another state to visit.


Kevin, Peyton, Eli and I have enjoyed our time together. The dogs usually get a bit jealous when the kids are here and don’t get enough attention.

We had Daniel’s birthday party today at a local park and water area for the kids. I was worn out after it was over. Kids wear me out! They wore Sadie out too. She and I sneaked away from the others for a rest.


Yesterday I ran my 6 mile long run and did 3 today “Marathon Training

I am not feeling good about my first week of formal training. I was doing much better, faster, further and easier the months leading up to the first week of scheduled training. Maybe it’s the heat or maybe it’s in my head. 🙂

I didn’t eat healthy today but I ate good! Pulled pork BBQ and the fixings just like down home Memphis!


I had planned to get out a bit tonight with the dogs and exercise but it’s coming a bad storm here and lights are blinking. We may be sitting in the dark and hot before the night is over.

I really have to get a grip on this bad eating but I had plenty of exercise so hoping it all evens out.

This was a nice weekend for me. I got to spend good time with all the people that I love.

I think Daniel liked his guitar and Sadie loved her laughing baby doll.







3 thoughts on “BBQ and Kids

  1. Awww, what cute pictures!! It sounds like you had a great first week of training!! You’ll have weeks of feeling on fire with greatness and weeks where you feel like things could have gone better, but the important thing is to push through (which you are). You are doing such a fabulous job!! You deserve to enjoy the foods you love because you exercise SO hard!! I hope you had a fabulous week and are having a wonderful weekend!! XOXO!!

  2. That food would call my name too! Yum. Sounds like a pretty good weekend of celebrating. You are working so hard with your training. Hope next week feels better for you. We’ve had a week of rain on and off and cold too. Just not summer weather at all.

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