Runner Minds or Criminal Minds

Am I “freaking” losing my mind?

Over the last 2 and half months, I’ve only had 9 days off from running.  Many of those runs were over 3 miles, some 6, 7, some 8 and a couple of 10 milers.

So, I rushed home yesterday and mowed and took care of my lawn so I could have a REAL day off today (Monday) from “Marathon Training.” Monday nights are supposed to be my “laying on the couch with feet up, surrounded by dogs, watching Criminal Minds night” (my guilty TV pleasure besides sports).

Today, the weather is cooler (79ish) and humidity is down and all I can think about is whether I should run tonight. I have read and I know (because I am quite intelligent! HA!) that “rest” days are just as important as the run days. But, I can’t get seem to accept that.


I want “to want” to rest!

At the time I am writing this, I will likely try to force myself to not run tonight.

Hey, I DO have some things I could do….like put up last night’s laundry that is still in the dryer, clean loose dog hair off the hardwood floors, re-organize my runner’s bag, shop for more clothes on “Zulily,” read runner’s blogs about running while I’m sitting on my ass, throw away old runner’s shoes……or just watch “Criminal Minds.”

There actually is a Criminal Minds episode about runners being murdered….so there’s that!

On another note, “Amish” homegrown tomatoes are in and I am smiling! I can eat homegrown tomatoes with every damn thing that passes my lips.

I had one of my newly bought "Amish" tomatoes with my sandwich today
I had one of my newly bought “Amish” tomatoes with my sandwich today

There may be an issue with that this year. Since I have been marathon training, my stomach is not as stable as it has been in the past without giving TMI! So, that may be interesting.

Another small interference with my regular Saturday long run day is “Macklind Mile” with is a great and fun 1 mile run that is happening this coming Saturday morning.

It’s noted as St. Louis’ Fastest Mile because the course drops 73 feet in elevation from start to finish with the third quarter of the race seeing the biggest drop. The race finishes with a roughly 300 meter straightaway so you will have to earn that fast finish! Elite runners love it and people like me love it! It’s very popular in St. Louis and surrounding cities.


You get a cool 1.0 mile sticker "Macklind Mile"

You get a cool 1.0 mile sticker “Macklind Mile”

It’s time for me to get off the blog and do some work…

~Run or Rest, Enjoy~


11 thoughts on “Runner Minds or Criminal Minds

  1. I hope you’re having a relaxing Monday!! Rest is important and you deserve to kick back and relax! You put in such great miles!!! XOXO!!! You’re amazing!!! You’re wonderful!!!

  2. I don’t watch that show, even though it’s the type of show I would like. I will check into it, getting bored with some of my regulars. Amish homegrown tomatoes sound delicious. I love when the tomatoes start appearing on our farm stands. I don’t have a garden but have tried growing them in pots with no success.

  3. Those tomatoes look so good!! We haven’t got any excellent ones in yet this year – they are still hard and pale.
    I hear you on the difficulty of taking a rest day, but you’re smart… You know they have to happen so you can be your best. You are entitled to a couch potato day every once in awhile, especially because we all know you don’t just sit around all the time even when you’re not running 🙂

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