Yoga for an Inflexible Runner

Last night, for the first time in my life, I did yoga. It was a rest night from running so I had to find something useful to do.


I found a routine on a fitness page for beginner’s yoga. I think what I did was the standard and what I did find out was just how stiff and inflexible that I was. The yoga was more painful that running 4 miles.

Below is my beginner routine:

Mountain Pose, yoga
Mountain Pose
beginner yoga downward dog position, yoga
Downward Dog
Warrior II yoga standing pose, yoga
tree balancing yoga pose, yoga
Tree Pose
Bridge yoga pose, yoga
Bridge Pose
Triangle, yoga
Triangle Pose
Seated spinal twist yoga pose, yoga
Seated Twist
Modified Cobra, yoga
Active Pigeon, yoga
Pigeon Pose
beginner yoga the crow position, yoga
Crow Pose
Child’s Pose

My “marathon training” schedule called for 3 miles but I ran 4.03 miles instead.

I showered and did my yoga routine plus 50 crunches. The dogs were in my face licking me while on my mat doing yoga. We had a good time laughing at them. šŸ™‚

My eating has been good and Ā controlled this week so far….so there’s that.

I’ve seen all of tonight’s showings of “Criminal Minds” soĀ I’m watching STL CardinalsĀ baseball and trying to find the energy to get up and go to bed.

Where does my night go?

~Work, Eat, Run, Yoga, Sleep~


6 thoughts on “Yoga for an Inflexible Runner

  1. Did you like the yoga (aside from the licking and laughing)? Would you do it again? I try it every now and then, but I’m very inflexible. I suppose that’s all the more reason I should do it.

    1. I do like it but I’m not good at it. Especially the pose “tree” where you stand on one leg! lol I was still very stiff last night. One thing about running is that even though you can run, you become stiff and sore from hamstrings mostly. That and my left glute (butt) muscle is slightly strained! Also, I don’t look very attractive in some of those poses! lol I do like it though and will be doing it regularly now. Sometimes, I move like I’m 90! šŸ™‚

  2. I can’t sit upright after lifting the refridgerator, so yoga is not in my immediate plans. I have been reading about it lately, and visiting blogs that focus on it. I like the idea of it physically and mentally. My schedule is still a mess and I need to claim my life back soon. Nice job on your training. You’re on a mission!!!!

  3. Hehe, I loooove when you talked about your dogs licking your face while doing yoga!! TEHE!!! Sooo cute!! Prince does that to me, too!! It’s a good laugh!!! XOXO!! You’re amazing!!

  4. Looks like quite a few of us in our little blog family are doing the yoga thing! That’s too funny! I will be starting soon! (as soon as my new workout gets delivered!) You’re doing great! Keep it up Charlotte! šŸ˜€

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