Rest Obsessed

I worked a partial day as I usually do on Fridays. I have debated and even stressed about whether or not I should run on a “rest day.”


I know by the way my body feels that I needed it but I just don’t trust the training….remember my last post about trusting without proof? “The Problem With Me
Time to Rest??”
But, I took a rest day today. I took my dogs to the dog park to play in the water, I did some laundry, cleaned the house, I packed for our weekend trip to our place in St. Louis, I watched a couple of episodes of “Ghost Whisperer” (terrible actress btw) and sat outside in the backyard and had a nice glass of wine.
I really hate rest days and one reason is because I can’t eat as much because I don’t burn any calories. I should stop complaining about that and just learn to control the Friday “eat everything” day. I have done well (calorie wise) this week.
I am worried about how I will get my 7 mile run in tomorrow on my long run day. I have the “Macklind Mile” run in the morning and it’s a 1 mile speed run that is very popular in St. Louis.
After that (when the temps are rising), I have to find a way to get in 7 miles which is on my training schedule.
My worry is that other things will be more fun with the family and that I will not do it. I guess that wouldn’t be so bad because I can run 10 miles fairly easily and will catch it up. I just hate not being disciplined so early in  my 18 week training program.
I’ll do my best to get in the 7 after the 1 mile race. I just worry about the temperatures mid-day.
Daniel will probably come home with us in the late afternoon and I would rather have time with him than run.
But, I’ll see if I can stay on track. I guess I can do it Sunday if not Saturday.
I’ll do some yoga and crunches tonight when I get in the apartment and after the dogs get their regular walks.\
I will admit, I have loved my day off afterall 🙂
~Rest is for Girls~

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