What I’ve Learned

An issue that came up today at work and on a couple other occasions and its slightly new territory. It is whether or not employees insulting each other on Facebook or Twitter constitutes harassment that the managers of the company are responsible for and have to deal with. I thought once people found real jobs, high school behavior stopped but what was I thinking. That is still a fairly new thing for employers to deal with. Grow the hell up. (ok, rant over)

I have a 3 day work week and that makes it all tolerable….for now! 🙂

Today is day #16 of my official “Marathon Training.”

Alas….it is rest day!!!!

I don’t think I will stress one bit over this rest day and I’ll embrace it!


I am still trying to figure out why but I am as sore today (quads, glutes etc) than I was the day after the Go! St. Louis HM back in April.

I don’t think it was my nice and easy 7 miles yesterday but perhaps from the fast 1 mile on Saturday?

I’m so sore that I walk funny! And that is not going unnoticed by my co-workers. I just laugh and tell them I lifted furniture because they still cannot understand that even though I run 25+ miles a week that I still get sore from running…often! 🙂

Due to soreness, I am actually looking forward to my rest day. Also, it’s blazing hot outside and the rest of the week is cooler.

This is a step back week during  my training and my Saturday long run steps back to a 5 miler. That will seem weird…

Hal Hidgon’s beginner (novice) marathon training steps back long run Saturdays every 3rd week.

July 12th the long run jumps up to 9 miles, then 10, then back down to 7….just when those temperatures get even hotter! 🙂

 A Few things that I have learned so far in marathon training:
Bodily functions don’t behave as they used to (TMI)
My calves have outgrown skinny cut jeans
I am capable of thinking of sex during long runs but not after the long runs
I feel like a bird on the declines and a rhino on the inclines
Some days, I believe I’ll never complete the marathon, some days I know that I will 
I could eat the house but my stomach says eat oatmeal
I can’t touch my toes but I can power up a half mile incline
Bad sidewalks are not a runner’s friend
If it looks slippery, it is
I am not equipped to run and adjust iPod music at the same time
You CAN paint toes without toenails
Bugs can and will fly in your eyes, mouth and ears
Boobs get smaller, feet get bigger
Just because the face and upper body won’t sweat much doesn’t mean the butt won’t
I’ve learned more about myself in these last few months that I’ve learned my entire life
Earbud cords have a mind of their own
It’s hard to take off a sports bra after a run
Assholes in vehicles will run over you without batting an eye
Red lights on long runs piss me off and make me happy at the same time
I can analyze an entire season of “Breaking Bad” during a 8 mile run (miss that series!!)
I am not a quitter but I am a complainer
Passion alone will not get you across a finish line
Socks are important, shoes are the holy grail of running (shop wisely)
Running with no underwear is awesome (no tugging during the run)
Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate
No matter how much I pee before a run, the urge to pee will happen every 15 or so minutes thereafter
Wear dark shorts to hide crotch sweat
Sometimes I hear my run playlist in my sleep
I pay more attention than the average person to how I tie my shoes
Sweat wicking clothes are the greatest invention ever!
Running NEVER gets easier, you just get better
Jelly beans are easier to eat during a run than GU gels and tastes better and does the same for you
I run better in the mornings than evenings  
Running is humbling
Running with your husband will make you think about life without him! 🙂
Training for a marathon will not make you lose weight  
Sometimes, 3 miles feels worse than 10 miles
You will stumble and fall on the concrete for no apparent reason
Dogs make BAD running partners, it’s all about them
You will pee in places along a trail that you never dreamed you’d squat your butt
~Humble Yourself~


12 thoughts on “What I’ve Learned

  1. Love, love your List of Things Learned!!! So very true! Each and every one. 3 miles will definitely feel worse than 10. And shockingly 10 is sometimes worse than 20! Logic defying. But TRUE! Rock on and enjoy the rest day!!! Toenail-less paws up!

  2. I found that hilarious and sadly know you’re telling the truth. Although, I will never squat in the woods if it comes to that I’ll have to Pee my pants. Why waste the time when the last time I tried that it ended up all over my pants anyway.

    1. I’ve read that many runners pee their pants! I have to say during my first half marathon, I almost did. I even went as far as running through a waterhose that firemen were squirting us with so no on would know that I peed my pants! haha The urge went away so I didn’t have to but I had it all planned out! haha

  3. Great list, Charlotte. About the bugs, you know that you’ve been exercising outside too long when swallowing a bug doesn’t freak you out anymore. It becomes a guessing game. “Hmmm, was that a june bug?”. I think that these revelations come about when you’ve dedicated yourself to any given discipline and you’re there by yourself. You could be with 1,000 runners, but you’re there – just you and your thoughts. I loved reading your list!

  4. Great post! “Jelly beans are easier to eat during a run than GU gels and tastes better and does the same for you” — GREAT ADVICE!!! I love…absolutely LOVE jelly beans…I’ll have to try this.

    Also, I learned that chewing Trident Layers gum while I run…the Orchard Peach/Ripe Mango is the best….keeps a mouth from going dry.

    And lastly, you’re not alone in what you’re dealing with at your workplace. “Adults” are just as immature as the children they raise. I’d love to share some of the stories I have of the “woman” I used to work with…maybe someday we’ll have to get a group of us bloggers together and we can trade stories! 🙂

    1. I haven’t thought about chewing gum so I should try that! Yeah, I think I could write a funny sitcom about people at my work. Me included! I used Jelly beans on my first half marathon and it worked well. I like GU but if you have a dry throat, they do not go down well. I’ve also tried “dates” which gives a nice sugar rush. Just chop them up small and pop them in your mouth when you need them. Snickers bites works well too. 🙂

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