Training Day 19

I am off work until Monday and it felt good to sleep in this morning all the way til 6:30 am at about the time that the doggies came and jumped in bed with us…needing to potty and wanting to eat!

I walked the dogs and the weather was so nice and cool that as soon as I got the boys home, I suited up and went on my 3 mile run today. Today was day 19 of “Marathon Training.” My lower back is still in pain and not much better but as long as I kept my form good, I ran ok.

I can tell that my stamina is improving. I wasn’t even intimidated by the long incline at “Garth” like I usually am. I powered up that sucker without even thinking about it. I ran very slow for the first mile due to my back but my speed got better.


I am supposed to have a rest day tomorrow but we’ll see. Only 5 miles on Saturday.

I did some laundry and waited on 8 tons of top soil to be delivered. It’s here waiting for us to do something with it this weekend. I hope it doesn’t rain.


I mowed the yard…and it really needed it. All the rain has been good for our lawn this year.

I took Peyton and Eli to Twin Lake Dogs Park so they could play with other dogs and swim. They love that so much. I get a pleasure out of watching them. They were both good boys.


I came home, showered, fed the dogs and sit outside with a big glass of wine, gorgonzola cheese and crusty bread. Kevin worked late tonight so that was my dinner. Not a very nutritional dinner but it did balance out my carbs, protein, fat in a way that was good. 🙂


I’m dog tired and about ready for bed and it’s just after 9 pm. That means it has been a good day for me.

~Rock the Day~

3 thoughts on “Training Day 19

  1. Awww!!! What a cutie pie picture of you + the one of your doggy is soooo sweet!! Wow, yummy dinner!! Big glass of wine!! Yaaay to that! I’m so happy for you! It’s incredible how much you love running! You’re going to have fabulous races!!

  2. I love the wonder woman headband, Charlotte. 🙂 From what I’m reading, it’s taking super hero sized efforts to do what you’re doing, so the headband fits. Rest up and get ready for the next run, but I’m thinking your rest day is going to be comprised of spreading tons of topsoil. 🙂 Have a great 4th!!!!!

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