Independence Day

We didn’t do much in the way of traditional celebrating on Independence day except for enjoying our freedom to work in our yard until we almost dropped from exhaustion. It’s been a while and projects are piling up.


Today was rest day from running. I do wish I had run on the 4th of July but we were so busy from early morning until later in the evening. Today was day #20 of “Marathon Training.”

We moved and spread dirt. I re-soiled and re-planted my flower and butterfly garden. I cut down limbs, cleared brush etc. Kevin moved dirt and packed it around several places along our foundation to replace lost dirt due to erosion.

Our house was built in 1943 and a few years ago, we had major foundation work done. Ever since we have experienced water coming into our basement when it rains hard and fast.

The main reason is that the foundation people did a shitty job plus did not make sure the dirt was packed tightly back in the ground leaving big deep holes under the dirt where rain water drains.

We believe with what we are doing with the soil will help greatly. It can’t hurt except our bodies! My back is so bad tonight that I had to take a oxycodone left over from my plastic surgery.

I can hardly move at this point. I have a 5 mile run tomorrow plus more yard work so I’ll see if I can even get out of bed in the morning . 🙂

I love yard work and it makes me happy. In the fall, we will replant some of our gardens. Over the years, we lose some of our flowers and it’s time for new ones. We used to have beautiful Poppies but they all went away last year after the draught.

We went downtown to eat our favorite pizza at “Shakespeare’s.”


My back hurt so bad there that I was uncomfortable. What was I thinking…shoveling dirt with a lower back strain.

After pizza, we drove around a bit back in our old neighborhood (still in CoMo) and went by the Dairy Queen to get an ice cream cone. I enjoyed that with no guilt!

We knew that we would be too busy to cook out today so we plan on grilling out tomorrow night. I think Kevin will choose a rack of ribs.

We have barely even made a dent in the dirt that we brought it. We are hoping to get all we won’t completed before it rains…possibly on Sunday.

I have missed Daniel and Sadie this weekend. I’m heartsick when I don’t see them…..but next weekend 🙂

Our dogs are spoiled as you might guess. They don’t want to stay in the house while we are working outside, but they also don’t like staying outside for very long. It’s been a battle all day long with them going in and out of the house. They want to go in the house, but they want us in there also.

Peyton in the soon to be Spearmint Patch
Peyton in the soon to be Spearmint Patch

I took the dogs out after it got dark to see some of the fireworks from downtown but they were scared shitless plus our “Joe Dirt” neighbors to the back of our house are having a party and shooting off loud ones. Peyton and Eli are happy to stay in the house with mama and daddy watching the Cardinals.

It was a beautiful day and I enjoyed working with Kevin in the yard. We did not argue one time!

So, God willing, I’ll do my 5 miler early in the morning and continue with Snead yard beautification!

♥~Happy Birthday, Twisted Baby Sister~♥


6 thoughts on “Independence Day

  1. I think we live parallel lives.
    Between the dogs, the dirty neighbors, and the fact that most of my summer vacation has been spent digging up my yard (ours is for cosmetic reasons, though… Yours sounds much more serious), I feel ya. I also know the pain that comes with a long day of yard work. I think that’s going to be me tomorrow… Dread….
    Glad you had a productive and pizza filled 4th 🙂

    1. It seems we do! We did get a lot done on our yard and it looks great! With all that dirt, not only did we build up lost dirt around the foundation but I got to load up my flower and butterfly gardens with new, good top soil. I had to come back to work this morning to rest! Thanks for reading. 🙂

  2. I knew it! Your day off was moving tons of soil! There is no slowing you down at this point. 🙂 I hope that you had a great 4th of July and that you’ve finally had some rest to ease the aches and pains of yardwork.

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