After the Storm

Last night was a nightmare here in Mid-Mo. It wasn’t a tornado or at least it wasn’t spotted but 70+ mile an hour straight line winds roughed up our little city. Our electricity went out at 11:30pm and stayed out all night and came on at about 8 am this morning.

Hard rain, electrical storm, winds kept us up all night not to mention how it affected our poor Peyton and Eli. They crawled up in bed with us for the most of the night! 🙂

I sleep with a box fan blowing for noise so with no fan…no sleep! I used a “white noise” app and played the ocean sounds but didn’t want my iPhone battery to run down.

I got dressed and put on make up in the dark this morning..using a flashlight! Plus…no coffee!!

But, our basement stayed bone dry after moving all that dirt around the foundation. That made us pretty happy.

No real property damage for us except for big limbs all over the yard and lawn furniture blown about but many in our town still do not have electricity.

Anyway, I stayed very tired at work today. I dreaded my scheduled 3 mile run tonight and almost didn’t do it.

I ran a fairly quick 3 miles but I was tired and even had to take a couple of 30 second walk breaks. I was beat. I still took those inclines with a fair amount of ease.


I’m showered and rested now. I feel good and it’s about my bed time. I’m looking forward to a good rest tonight with electricity working.

~Sleep Through It~


3 thoughts on “After the Storm

  1. Glad you are safe with no damage and have a dry basement for all your work. That’s pretty dedicated of you to get your run in. Get a good night’s sleep. 🙂

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