Take It All In Stride

Today is day 26 of my “Hal Higdon First Marathon Training” and it’s going well on most days.

I really struggle with the longer runs during the week. I am unable to get up early enough to run before work when it’s cooler so I am trying to manage the longer runs when I get home….in the heat and humidity. As I’ve said before, I am not a warm weather runner.

Yesterday was a 4 mile run and even though the temps were at about 82 degrees, the humidity was high and I could not break a sweat. Sometimes I can sweat during a run and I’m always happy for that.

I ran from my house to downtown just to break the monotony. I do like city runs. I ran through Mizzou campus which is as big as the city of Columbia…almost.

Today will be my 3 mile day and Saturday is long run day at 9 miles. I’ll be doing that one in St. Louis. My running partner (hubby) has Plantar fasciitis and is unable to run with me. He is grumpy and in pain. He is trying to find ways to get his cardio. Kevin loves riding the bicycle so he is doing long rides for exercise but his foot is not getting better.

I believe his problem is from zero drop shoes which he insists on wearing while running but we have slight disagreements about that. He is a bigger guy and I think it’s hard for bigger runners to wear those type of running shoes.  Of course, I’m no doctor or expert but anyway….he cannot run and is pissed at the world. I think I would be, also.

Yesterday, before my 4 mile run, I had shin splint pain on my left leg. I was hobbling around all day at work. That’s unusual for me. When I started my 4 miler last night, that same leg started getting calf cramps even before I hit my first mile. I wonder if that is related? The pain went away and I don’t feel pain today.

Hey….I got my 2nd “Stridebox” yesterday and it was a great haul! There were many things in this box that I was going to purchase to try this weekend so it came at the right time.

I have never tried honey stingers, nuun, cocogo for water, the new flavor of GU (watermelon), bonk breakers…I got all of that including a cute water bottle. I love stridebox. If you are a runner, you should at least subscribe to it for a couple of months.


Today is my 3 mile run and tomorrow is rest day….plus peridontist day! I hate those visits.

We will be heading to our apartment in STL. I’m missing my Daniel and Sadie.

I’m daydreaming about a vacation that we are not going to take this year. It’s about time that we head out to Santa Cruz, CA and the Bay area for our 2 weeks on the beach. Due to $$ from my plastic surgery, $$ house projects, marathon training…..we have decided to not take a vacation this year or at least out to the west coast.  I’m a bit depressed about that because I Love Santa Cruz! I will live there one day.

We have discussed taking a mini vacation either to Taos, NM or a short Santa Cruz visit…..but it will have to be after the marathon Oct 19.

Taos and Santa Cruz are my special places in the country. So….I’m a bit depressed at a time of year that the excitement would be building.

I do have a half-assed plan to do the Big Sur marathon in April of 2015 if I can finish this marathon. Big Sur International Marathon is on my runner bucket list.

Daniel and Me in 2011
Daniel and Me at Big Sur in 2011
My son (James) and Daniel – Big Sur 2011

Big Sur is undescribeable. It is the most beautiful place that I’ve seen in my life and I’ve been sunshine and gold coast in Australia. Big Sur rivals anything…I’ve not doubt. It’s #1 and Grand Canyon is #2 in my book.



Ok, enough of the daydreaming….time to get back to work.

~California Dreaming~


4 thoughts on “Take It All In Stride

  1. GO CHARLOTTE!! YOU’RE ROCKING YOUR TRAINING!! WOOHOO!!! Also, you look beautiful!!! I love Nuun and Honey Stingers!! They’re so good!!! XOXO!!! Happy Weekend!!

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