A Skinny Day

Today has been an awesome Rest day! I am so starting to embrace my rest day from “Marathon Training.”

I got a bit nervous when I noticed that it click down to less than a 100 days until RnR marathon.


Tomorrow will be hot and humid and a 9 mile run for me. I’ll start it in the morning. Kevin plans on riding his bike with me so that will help. I don’t mind it as bad as I thought. I like my St. Louis runs and especially if they are city street runs. I particularly love St. Louis architecture. It takes my mind off the agony! 🙂 The City Museum is just one of the great structures that I pass on my run.

City Museum of St. Louis
City Museum of St. Louis

I worked a partial day, came home, packed for St. Louis, took the boys to the dog park to play in the water…and mud, went to the peridontist for checkup and cleaning, had 2 glasses of wine in the back yard.

And, I lost 2 lbs in the last 2 weeks. I am not sure that is good at this point because I don’t think I’m eating enough. I can’t believe I worry when I lose weight.

Have you ever had those days where you felt skinny? That day was today for me…..A good day!

I’m excited to see my kiddies. I’ve missed them.

The traffic getting into St. Louis was crazy bad. It took us 40 minutes to get to our apartment and we could see it from the highway!

Took the dogs on a quick walk. CWE is full of people spending that $$ tonight. Peyton and Eli are sound asleep right beside me.

I ate a half chicken salad sandwich and pita chips. I’m making sure to get plenty of water. It’s going to be a hot one tomorrow at 97 degrees. It’s 10:30pm now and its still very warm outside with that nice St. Louis breeze that we get in this part of the city.

A cold beer and blog reading and then off to sleep.

~Summer Breeze~


3 thoughts on “A Skinny Day

  1. Best of luck on your run, Charlotte (or should I call you St. Louis Skinny?). You’re really taking off with your running. Be careful in the heat and humidity. BTW, I love the photos! Having interesting things to check out on your route must be fun as you pass them. 🙂

  2. I do have days where I feel skinny. They’re not very often lately though. More days where I overeat, or too much salt and I feel “fat”. Good thing is, I hate that feeling, so it motivates me. Hope you survive the morning heat, that’s awfully hot! Enjoy your weekend in the city!

  3. Charlotte, way to rock your life!! Seriously, you go for what you want!! I love that!! You are always skinny!!! I think you look absolutely amazing in all of your pictures!! You do!! You do!! XOXO!!

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