Hot Town, Summer in the City

I slept well last night and got up early to run but with breakfast, feeding and walking the dogs, I got a late start on my 9 mile run today.

I ate steel-cut oats, english muffin and natural peanut butter for my breakfast and set out for day 28 of my “Marathon Training.”

The heat/humidity was bad even early in the morning. When I took the dogs out at 6:30 am to potty and steam was coming off the sidewalks, I knew it wasn’t going to be an easy run.

Kevin still cannot run so he rode his bicycle along to keep me company. It also helped that he packed extra water for me. He’s getting frustrated with his Plantar fasciitis so he needed some cardio also.

I ran from my apartment to downtown and back.


I will say this might have possibly been my most difficult run including half marathons. I got really tired and out of steam at about 5 or 6 miles. In the end, I was barely able to pick up my feet. But I finished 9.5 miles. A miscalculation because I sure didn’t mean to run that extra half mile! 🙂

After a cold shower and a bit of rest, we went to “Big River Running” store to pick up a shirt for Daniel from his Macklind run a couple of weeks ago and I ended up buying new shoes.

On my run this morning, my big toes starting hurting pretty bad. One of the toenails is already coming off and I bet the second one will but they were pretty painful for the last couple miles.

I had to buy shoes 1 full size bigger this time! I bought the “Brooks Glycerin 12.” It is know that running makes your boobs smaller and your feet bigger and I can attest to that!


I am not really feeling good about the training. If 9 miles was so difficult in the heat, what will 10 miles next week do to me?

I have eaten poorly today and several calories but still finished in my limits with net calories.

Kevin and I had lunch at Mekong Restaurant on Grand, came home and took a nap. It was so hot today the dogs do not want to go out for a walk!

We went to visit the kids and then went to dinner and Daniel is spending the night with us. We will babysit both Sadie and Daniel in the morning so my son and daughter in law can go workout at the Y. I’m happy they are back into fitness. 🙂 My son has lost over 20 lbs.

We did all register as a team for the “Glo Run” in August in St. Louis. Daniel named our team the “Fireballs” and he is the team Captain…of course. 🙂 That should be fun and I know Daniel will love it.

~Running Hot~


5 thoughts on “Hot Town, Summer in the City

  1. Charlotte, adorable shoes and OMG, I have to say, you and your husband are THE CUTEST!!! I LOVE THAT HE RODE HIS BIKE NEXT TO YOU!!! Adorable!!! What a beautiful couple!! XOXO!! You did a great job on your run!! I’m so proud of you!! Way to run and to get through it!! You’re tough and amazing!! Hope you had the best weekend!!

  2. Gotta love a pair of fresh sneakers. The humidity has been wretched lately! My dogs don’t want to do anything either. Way to tough it out!

  3. You’ll be okay! This run is behind you and now time to focus on the next. You might have just been having a bit of an off day. 🙂 Congrats on the new shoes! They are beautiful!

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