A Boxing Bag and an Ice Planet

Yesterday, before we left St. Louis, we let Daniel take his bicycle and ride in Forest Park and I ran beside him to try out my new shoes. I do love my new Brooks Glycerin 12.


Daniel and I found another secret island in Forest Park so we explored that a bit. He took a bit of a tumble on his bike but nothing so serious that a little grandma love didn’t take care of.

Bike Injury
Bike Injury

Later on,  James and Allison brought Sadie over and Kevin and I watched the kiddos while they went to the Y and worked out. I am very happy that they have taken an interest in their health. James has lost over 20 lbs. 🙂

Sadie was so sweet and in a good mood so she and I went out for a stroll while Popeye (Kevin) and Daniel played Lego Batman on PS3. She fell a sleep almost as soon as we started walking. She is such a sweetie.


I love spending time with those kiddies.

Yesterday was a “cross-training” day and I decided to try cardio-boxing again. I have nice equipment in my basement to start my own gym! I spent 45 minutes beating the hell out of that boxing bag. Today my arms and shoulders are a bit sore but in a good way.

Today was day #30 of “Marathon Training” and it was rest day! At least from running. I did mow the yard and do a load of laundry and put it away.

I haven’t gotten to do those type of exercises for the last few years due to bicep rupture and rotator cuff impingement. My shoulder is much better and the bicep is as good as it will get. I am very weak in my right arm but last night it seemed stronger. I will try to mix up my cross-training but I love cardi0-boxing and I burn many calories that way.

It’s been a busy day and employee evaluations are going on at work so it’s a full day for me and my supervisors.

Normally I am getting excited about vacation so I’m a bit blue over no scheduled, awesome Santa Cruz trip this year.

I will take some time off later for marathon training especially after long runs, a visit to Las Vegas to visit Kevin’s mom.

I plan on Daniel coming here for a week in August to spend time in his old hometown where he was born. I would love to have him here for a while. He and I had such a great time together in our backyard. I still have the lawn chairs (rocketships) where he left them last time we blasted off to the “Ice Planet.”

I still miss it when Daniel lived right down the street from me….I miss making that quick trip to Ice Planet.

 ~Blast Off~



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