Now, I’m a Believer

Running is the real deal.

You may remember a few weeks ago I blogged about how I only believe things that are proven to me. I’m a skeptic in the highest order! That is still true and will be until I’m dirt.

I now truly believe running is good for me and particularly mentally. It’s especially good for the people around me. 🙂

After I ran 10 miles on Friday morning, I had not run again until last night due to rest days and cross training (rest) days.

I have been tired, anxious, cranky, bitchy, achy, intolerant, impatient, hungry, sick….you name it for the last few days.

My husband, dogs, co-workers, other drivers and a few people in check out lines can attest to it.


I blogged about it on Monday and tried to make corrections and amends on my behavior for it because there is no excuse for to be that way to others.  I own that.

I did my best to make amends to my husband, dogs and anyone subject to my less than good behavior over the last few days.

But, I was still tired and couldn’t sleep. I have a chronic health issue that acts up on rare occasions and I was getting worried that it was getting worse because I was so tired and disengaged, even when driving.

Charlotte Runner Girl
Charlotte Runner Girl

Yesterday was near a 100 degrees but it was on my schedule to run 3 miles. I couldn’t tolerate the heat so I hit the treadmill and ran for 40 minutes. I’ve mentioned before that I have a hard time sweating in outside heat and humidity but my clothes were sopping wet after that run! I was tired through most of it but as the “slow” mileage counter on the treadmill ticked on, the better I got.

I had a nice, cool shower and put on pajamas (getting ready for a night on the sofa watching Criminal Minds) and I started feeling happy like I had smoked weed or drank wine! HA!

Even my dogs wanted to get up on the sofa and sit with me and they had not wanted to do that for a few days.

I am not exaggerating this a bit. It happened.

I slept like a baby and woke up energetic. I got to work early and not only that, my skin looked’s glowed, actually, no reddish or puffy eyes. And my wrinkles didn’t look as pronounced under my eyes. But even more than that, people noticed that I looked better and smiled more.

I was amazed and nothing changed except that I ran and sweated like a beast!

5 miles is on my schedule today for day 39 of “Marathon Training.” The weather is a bit cooler so I’ll try to pull this off. I may take some of this run on the “MKT Trail.”

Trails are nicer and more things to see but I also don’t get a cross wind of any kind when I run through trees and bluffs.

~Run from Everyone~

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