Naked Ladies, Dogs and Legs

Today has been “rest day” and day 41 of “Hal Higdon’s First Time Marathon Training.

On Friday, I only work a few hours but it must have been a full moon last night or tonight! People acting nuts. I couldn’t get out that door fast enough.


I have enjoyed my rest day. I did some laundry, walked and played with the dogs, had a glass of wine while watching birds and packed for our weekend trip to our apartment in St. Louis (2 hour drive from Columbia.)

I pampered myself: soaked and pedicured my feet, took a bubble bath, shaved my legs, put on a cucumber mask, watched westerns on TV….a good day! 🙂

I sat outside for a while admiring how pretty my backyard is. The flowers are beautiful this year and the “Naked Ladies” are coming up. We have hundreds in our backyard. It’s hard to keep the dogs from breaking and knocking them down.

Naked ladies are known in the south as resurrection lilies or surprise lilies.

Naked Ladies
Tropicana Rose

I was actually looking forward to running my 7 miles in the morning in the city but I found out it’s supposed to get to 99 degrees in the Lou! I’ll need to get an early start. Hal Higdon’s training has this as my step back Saturday. Last Saturday was 10 miles…next Saturday is 12 miles. After 13.1 the following week, I will be getting into miles I’ve never experienced.

FB runner’s groups are posting their runner leg pictures. My legs are 54 years old so I’m shy to post there…but I am proud of them. 🙂


I am worried and especially since my weekday runs have felt hard this week. The training also has a Wednesday run that increases and running higher miles after 12 hour work days have me concerned. Especially when it’s in the 90s.

Last night my dinner consisted of strawberry moscato, gorgonzola cheese and crusty baguette. So my nutrition may not have been the best for my 7 hot and steamy miles in the morning.


My eating was only a little bit better today….

My “Me” day was good….


~♥Drink Wine and Kiss Dogs♥~

3 thoughts on “Naked Ladies, Dogs and Legs

  1. For legs that are 54 years old that have carried you trough your life so far… they look pretty fantastic to me 🙂

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