She’s an Athlete?

I’m still a bit down and doubtful that I will be able to complete the marathon and probably even the training, but I’m trying to get myself out of this self-pitying funk.

I stayed very busy at work which was great. The day ended fairly quickly.

Today was a cooler and awesome day so I really fought the urge to run but I should have. I have a 3 tomorrow, 6 on Wednesday and 3 on Thursday and the big 12 on Saturday!

I ate well and healthy today and just the right balance and right amount of calories. I’ll see how my 3 miles turns out tomorrow before I start whining again! πŸ™‚

My husband was on the phone talking to someone and I overheard him refer to me as an “athlete.” I’ve never heard myself called that before. I walked into the room he wasΒ inΒ and I asked “athlete? Me?”

He just said “yes, you are.” My spirits lifted a bit. I’m an athlete? πŸ™‚

Never been called that before. Hmmmm, athlete? Moi? I’ve lived a lifetime wanting and dreaming of hearing that.

Maybe I can do this. I’m not a quitter and now it’s time I stop being a crybaby.

Ok, you will most definitely hear me cry and going to pity parties again…I’m sure.

Today was day 44 of “marathon training.”

I’m reclining on the sofa with my puppies watching “Criminal Minds.”

~Believe in Your Dreams~


9 thoughts on “She’s an Athlete?

  1. I love this post. You really are an athlete, in my mind, if you’re training for a marathon. Self-doubt is expected on this journey, it’s what you do with it- keep fighting it so that you can have your dream of running a marathon. Believe you can do it. You can do it. Just keep running.

  2. Charlotte – repeat after me ” I am an athlete “. You are absolutely crushing it right now. Everyone is a bit self conscious, but make no mistake, you are doing great. πŸ™‚

  3. You can do it! I felt the same way and I still have a hard time calling myself an athlete or runner, even after running 3 marathons. I think there’s an elusiveness to the term and, if you are being called an athlete by others and continue to be active, you are certainly an athlete! Good luck on your marathon! Which one are you doing?

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