Runner’s Guilt and a Heavy Heart

Yesterday was my 3 mile run day and so I ran 6.2! I felt good and strong. It did help that the weather was cooler and humidity low.

Wednesday is my scheduled 6 miler but the weather was nice and I felt like it so I just switched up! I’ll do 3 today and 3 tomorrow and 12 on Saturday.

Yesterdays run did give me the needed boost after my pissing and moaning about my last week’s runs.

I ran the entire thing with no slowing down for water breaks etc. I even had 2 PRs on that run! My fastest 5 miles by almost 2 minutes and fastest 10k by almost 3 minutes!!

So, at least for now….I’m not as discouraged as I was. Temperatures definitely affect running.

I intended to do some yoga and muscle rolling last night but I received a call from my brother that broke my heart.

I got more bad news in regard to my brother’s health that I mentioned in a post a few months ago. I’m very sad today and down. He’s a good man and reminds me of my dad. I plan a trip to visit him very soon. He lives in Alabama but will soon be in the hospital at Vanderbilt in Nashville, TN. 😦

It’s very weird and sad but I feel guilty enjoying my life and even running. It all seems so unimportant.

But, I need running even more now. I’m sure I’ll have a good cry on my run tonight.

♥Pray for Jimmy♥

7 thoughts on “Runner’s Guilt and a Heavy Heart

  1. Sorry to hear the bad news, Charlotte. Prayers sent for Jimmy. When my sister had taken ill, I needed something to release all of the emotions that were surging through me. You need running now more than ever, keep it going. ❤

  2. Sorry to hear about your brother’s poor health. You shouldn’t feel guilty–If anything, you should dedicate your runs to him. You need to take care of yourself, too. And if you’re healthy and happy, you’ll have an easier time helping to lift Jimmy’s spirits as he goes through this difficult time.

  3. Oh Charlotte, I’m so sorry to hear about your brother’s poor health. I will pray for Jimmy, and you. I hope running can help you through this time. You should not feel guilty that you have your running and your health. You deserve those things and you need the running. You’ve said it saved your life. Embrace it! It will help you be strong for your brother.

    1. Thank you, Cynthia. The best that we can hope for is that Jimmy gets on a liver transplant list which may be too late. Thank you for your prayers. Running does help in many ways.

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