Blood, Sweat, Tears and 16 Miles

There was blood, sweat…and yes, tears. There was profanity, anger and humiliation. Did I mention tears? It wasn’t at all pretty but it was 16 miles people!!!!

I woke up Saturday morning with a type of dread or fear that I haven’t experienced yet in my training or running experience.

There was no excitement or love of running in my head like other runs. Even when I gripe and feel nervous or doubtful, I’m usually get a bit giddy about the challenge and can question whether I can do it…until yesterday.

My hip was still hurting a bit with each step. It wasn’t terrible but I knew it would get worse during that run. This was the first run that I have ever had that I felt I would not complete.

While Kevin was loading up his bike for our trip on MKT, I was crying. He hugged me and told me to do what I felt like and if it didn’t work out, we’d try it again on Sunday.

I cried and asked aloud “why am I doing this to myself? I don’t enjoy running any more? I’m too old to do this, why can’t I just be happy that I run and am healthy?”

He hugged me and said “because you will regret quitting after 12 weeks of training. Can you live with that?”

something to remember each run

No….I knew I couldn’t.

Time to stop crying and get at it.

When I started my Garmin, I was in a different frame of mind. I was still scared and dreaded it but I was ready to begin.

My hip hurt some with every step until about mile 6 and it seemed to stop. Of course pain started in other areas!

During my first 8 miles, I was enjoying it pretty much except for the slight hip pain but my energy and mindset was good. I even wondered if I could run more than 16 that day. I think runners to that a lot in the early parts of a long run. 🙂

But then the feet problems came. The toe box in these shoes do not suit my bad feet. My right foot has a couple of hammer toes that slightly arch up. I need shoes that keep them still and straight. Bigger toe box shoes do not do that and the toes arch up higher and the tips of the toes strike the ground. That’s very painful after a few miles. I put on my gel toe cap and with the sweating, they came off and were loose in the shoes. That hurt also.

I bought new running socks on Friday which are thicker and help with blisters but it could not fix the toe issue.

I’ve spent over $50 in the last couple of weeks on 3 pair of socks.

I am doubting my choice of shoes because I had to stop and sit on the trail about 3 times during that 16 mile run to fix my toes/socks…etc. (remember that toe injury a few weeks ago on a 10 mile run?)

My next long run with be in different shoes. Those beautiful $160 Brooks Glycerin 12s are going on Ebay. It will be back to Asics Nimbus….my true love.

I think everyone should train for a marathon…maybe not run one but train for one! 🙂

It has pushed me to the  limits and taught me a lot of myself. Some of the things that I have learned about myself are not good.

 One that I’m not proud of is that I can be mean:

– I was mad at Kevin for reasons that made no sense. Well, he did let me run out of water at mile 8 and no fountains in sight for 4 miles! I yelled at him when he was trying to take a picture of me.

– I call people names (in my  head or under my breath) along the trail (people strolling, pushing babies in strollers, people with dogs on LONG leashes, people who don’t yield to runners, people who take up the entire trail, people who don’t clean up poop after their dog dumps)

– I bumped someone on purpose because they wouldn’t move over. They were walking in the middle of the trail.

– I called myself the ugliest names I could think of. If someone else called me those type names, I’d be crushed.

Is this common? I wasn’t happy with myself. I gave Kevin big, sincere apologies after I finished and he said he expected it! I’m not sure why he expected it but he shouldn’t.

I didn’t have that much euphoria after I finished those 16 miles like I thought I would. The only thing I could think of was how in the hell can I get 10 more miles. And how can I????

I ate 4 packets of GU for fuel during the run. My new favorite might be Espresso Love. It has a boost of caffeine and tastes like espresso.

After I got home, I hobbled downstairs and took a cool shower and put on comfy clothes.

Most long distance runners know that after a long run, one of the worst things to do is lay down and that it’s important to keep moving but what you most want to do it lay down. You should stay as busy as possible to help with the delayed onset soreness. So I walked around, put some laundry in and soon crawled in the bed and watch Mizzou Tigers football.

I had a dehyrdation headache which took a while to get rid of. My legs hurt so it was hard to get comfortable but soon I did and that felt great.

Finally, a slight euphoria set in. I started researching things to do to help my feet/toes and push forward for that 10 more miles. I spend the rest of the night commiserating with other runners on blogs and facebook that was and had experienced all the things that I did.

That made me feel better and I soon came to terms that somehow, someway….I will put a 26.2 sticker on my car at the end of the day on Oct 19.

After long runs, I find out that I am not hungry right away and yesterday I was quite a bit nauseous. But later….I did exactly the wrong thing and ate at a Chinese Buffet. I know better but that is our old fall back place to eat when we are starving. And, it’s at the end of the street.

I ate too much but still well within my calorie allowances because I burned about 2200 calories on that 16 mile run.

I was in bed by 8:30pm but reading running blogs…of course but probably fell asleep at 10:30pm or so. I slept well and slept in until 7am which made me really happy.

My puppies woke us up with sloppy kisses and the day began right. I was fairly sore on my right hip and it is a bit worse than the day of the run. I think I’ll recover over the next couple of days.

Eli, the baby

Eli, the baby

I walked the dogs with Kevin and that was not easy. I knew I had to walk to get the soreness out.

I’m just glad that I have a couple more days off work.

~It’s Mental…right?~

Keep Calm and Drink Schlafly Pumpkin Ale

I’m stressed (as usual) but I think I’m using that word way too much. I’m actually not….maybe “anxious” is the word I should use.

I skipped my 4 miler last night because of hip pain. I tried a mile on the treadmill today and pain stopped me at .33 mile. It wasn’t excruciating pain but pain. It it were 3, 4 or 5 miles…..I’d be able to push through it but 16 miles? And also, maybe I shouldn’t.

I’ll see how I feel in the morning before I hit the MKT trail. If I give it a try and the pain is still there at the beginning, I’ll give it a try on Sunday.

I’ll do this….remember, I am a beast. An old beast but one, nonetheless.

Surprisingly, I’m not that worked up over it…yet.

Side note: I am so damn hooked on “American Ninja Warrior” and I so want to try that jumping spider and also I just got distracted by seeing the Yadier is back in the Cardinal’s lineup…

Now, on to something important.

There is a special time of year for me and it starts in August. It’s more important than my anniversary to Kevin (Sept 22), Thanksgiving, Christmas…It is so important that family and friends text to remind me of it…not that they have to.

It’s when Schafly (a private “awesome” St. Louis beermaker) starts brewing and bottling it’s Pumpkin Ale. Just so you know, I am not one who likes very many types of beer. I will try most anything (especially anything Schafly brews) but anything other that a Bud Light is usually off my menu.


I have been known to hoard this beer all year-long. It usually loses its great taste but I still do it. It’s $10-12 a six pack…but it’s only money.

Once they sell out of what they brew and put in stores….(Decemberish), it’s over until the next August. It starts early at Schlafly Tap Room and in the stores in Missouri in late August.

Schlafly Pumpkin Ale reminds me of 2 things that are near and dear to my heart: football season and Autumn.

It’s taste is incredible and reminds me of camping and the smell of fall around a campfire. It may also remind me a bit of Thanksgiving dinner.

I love putting it in the freezer for a bit so it gets icy. I love drinking it in a chilled wine glass so that I can feel sophisticated.

I may love the smell of it almost as much as the taste. I stick my nose in it like it’s a fine wine to smell its boquet. I slosh it around to see if it has legs. (ok, maybe I don’t do that). I probably should.

A hint of pumpkin and spices and I smell dates….not sure why. It’s 8% ALC/Volume so go light. It’s slightly sweet but not overwhelming. It’s also 280 calories for 12 ounces so plan to work out before you have one.

I’ve tried many pumpkin beer/ale to see if any come close and they do not!

I could write a short story about how this beer makes me feel but I’ll spare you.

Kevin and I are staying in Columbia this weekend but with a heavy heart because another thing is going on in St. Louis which is near and dear to my heart….”The St. Nicholas Greek Festival.”

I love Greek people, Greek food, Greek dancing and Ouzo! I haven’t missed this festival in years but we have yard/house work to do in CoMo. Who knows, if my run goes well tomorrow, I might sweet talk Kevin into driving the The Lou for a Gyro and Baklava Ice Cream!


10 Things I Want My Daughter to Know About Working Out

For Sadie: my sweet granddaughter. I love this piece.


Mid-way through a recent group exercise class, the teacher lost me.  She didn’t lose me because of some complicated step sequence or insanely long set of burpees; I mentally checked out because of a few words she kept saying over and over.  “Come on!  Get that body ready for your winter beach vacation!  Think about how you want to look at those holiday parties!  PICTURE HOW YOU’LL LOOK IN THAT DRESS!

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Hip to Be Square

As I am in week 11 of my 18 week training, I have to wonder if others experience one thing after another like I do or is it my age? I suspect both.

On my Tuesday 4 mile run, I noticed that I was having a sharp pain in my right hip at about 1 or 2 miles in. I was finally able to get comfortable and finish my run. I did experience a bit of hip pain later that night but nothing serious and the next morning I was all better.

I mowed and weed-eated on Monday night and my front yard is on an incline which I hate and I thought maybe I injured it doing that. I do push mowing because of all the flower/butterfly thingies in my yard.

Last night was the dreaded Wednesday medium run of 8 miles. I decided to do it on the MKT because it is fairly flat with some inclines and water along the way so I could fill up my 8 oz handheld Nathan a couple of times and not have to take bigger things of water.

I felt some pain during the run but nothing I couldn’t work through. But when I got home after the run and tried to get out of the car, I could hardly walk! I felt like I was not going to be able to walk up the steps to my front door. I hobbled downstairs, took a warm shower, put on pajamas, cuddled with the doggies and put cold packs on for the rest of the night.

I was in moderately severe pain when I went to bed and could not sleep at all. The pain eased but my mind kept me from sleeping worrying what it could be. Kevin made a comment before I went to bed that I couldn’t get out of my head. Kevin “You’re not going to have to have hip replacement like a lot of older women, are you?”

That stayed on my mind for the rest of the night! Thanks, Kevin! 🙂

So this morning I have googled everything to do with runner hip pain and at least for now, I have self-diagnosed myself with “hip bursitis” which is common among runners and particularly older, women runners. Nice….

My pain is in the area of where the above picture is described. It’s more to the front and outside of my pelvic area where my leg bends. I’ve experienced this a little bit in the past but nothing like from last night’s run.

I am keenly aware that my running career will be fairly short due to my age but I will prolong it as much as I can because I love running. It makes me a better person and not just in the physical health category.

Runner quote that fits me “If you think I’m crazy for running, you’d see crazy if I didn’t”….

I’m not trying to be dramatic about my issues because I read enough runner blogs and websites to realize that many runner experience training hiccups and injuries…but I worry because I am 54 years old. I’m paranoid enough to think every issue will end my running activities and end my chance of completing or at least trying to complete my first and perhaps only marathon in October.

So…please humor the incessant complaining? 🙂

I am at work today and can barely move around without pain. I’ve got cold packs stuffed down the front and side of my pants in my office! It’s a good thing that my company makes those cold packs, huh? 🙂

I am supposed to run 4 miles tonight and rest tomorrow but I will likely rest up tonight and tomorrow in preparation for Saturday’s 16 miler. I was hoping that this training week went as planned because I am getting into the critical and important stages of my training. But, I’d rather miss 4 tonight and be able to finish the 16 on Saturday which is important.

In retrospect, I should have padded the training with a couple of more weeks. And truthfully, I was training even before training so maybe I’m worried for nothing??

I really need to complete this 16 miler on Saturday and especially from the mental aspect of it.

And I don’t eliminate the real possibility that I cause many of my own problems such as not stretching or doing yoga the way I should.  I mean….I can power my ass up a mile incline but I can’t bend over and tie my shoes. Yep…

Even though my husband made a reference to me being older (I am older than he is) and maybe having hip replacement….he did make a sincere compliment that I’ve cherished even today as I’m limping around.

I was just out of the shower and he told me my body looked athletic! 🙂

 ~Runner’s Do It With a Limp~

Run in the Rain and Eat Like a Kid

Even with the heat, I ran my 4 miles outside on the MKT tonight and no treadmill tonight! Kevin ran with me and we went on the MKT trail. 1.5 miles from home, a big thunderstorm rolled in and lightning striking all around. One strike hit so close that I felt in on my arm. The hair was standing up! 🙂

The rain cooled everything down and it felt great.

I was scared and exhilarated at that same time but I ran that last 1.5 mile at a fast speed! It was also getting dark.

I have to run 8 miles tomorrow night. If it’s cool enough, I may run it on the trail but otherwise…treadmill.

Now, I want to talk about my love for cereal.

For as long as I remember, I have loved cereal. And not just a cereal but most any cereal. I love Frosted Flakes, Lucky Charms, Honey Nut Cheerios, Special K, Raisin Bran, Cheerios….but probably my favorite it Corn Flakes.

I can eat cereal for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. I feel like a kid in a cereal aisle. As I got older and especially since I lost 131 lbs, I try to leave cereal alone. Each time I get a box, my husband gives me that look. I know that none of them are really good for you.

But, since I’ve been training for the marathon…..I have felt freedom that fills me with joy to get any cereal that I want and eat that stuff any damn time I want!

I have eaten Corn Flakes and Skim milk for dinner this entire week! I even think about it on my drive home. I can’t wait to pour that big bowl of cereal, skim milk and eat like a little kid!

I eat a normal breakfast, healthy lunch, figs, bananas, etc during the day but I eat my cereal for dinner.

I could eat an entire box of cereal per day…..

~They’re Great~


The Non-Running Runner

I must need a psychiatrist or serious counseling.

I am filled with self-doubt and I’m angry at myself for not completing my 15 miles on Sunday. That heat should not have stopped me. I should have at least tried. I gave up before I knew if I could or not.

I am sure that many people ran long miles on that hot day. I was honestly afraid of getting sick and not being able to go forward. But, I made the decision to attempt to run what I could and stopped very short of what I needed.

As a result of that, I don’t feel like a runner anymore and I am almost positive that I will not complete that marathon.

That 15 miles was to be a breakthrough for me and I felt like that would make or break me…..well, it broke me and worse, I didn’t even try it.

Tomorrow is 4 miles and it’s still 100 degrees and not much better for Wednesday which is 8 miles. It is very difficult for me to complete that many miles on the treadmill. But that is what I will do.

I think I am guilty of judging myself by younger, fitter runners.

Is it without merit?

Is is important that I stick to rigid training schedule or can I be flexible?

I ran my 1st and 2nd halves with little or at least inadequate training. And truthfully, my last half marathon in April was not only very little training but still recovering from serious plastic surgery and I finished it for my best and most proud HM. I know that a marathon is a whole different animal than a half…I’m not naive to think it’s similar.

So maybe I’m over reacting. I don’t want to win a marathon….I just want to finish and on my feet! 🙂

Today was rest day but the lawn needed mowing and weedeating…even though it was 99 degrees! I’m tired but it looks good.

A secret: I would have let my husband do it today…this is always a job that I enjoy doing, but not on this hot day.

Temps are going to be extreme for most of the week. I’ll be spending a great amount of time on that treadmill down in the cool basement exercise room.

I ate decent today and too tired to snack….so there’s that!

~Dreaming of Winter~

Disappointing and Second Guessing

The Glo Run on Friday night a lot of fun for our family and it was so unbelievably hot!

It was fun and full of young teenage girls and mostly young women but many young men and families with children! The thing I did not like about it was that it took some routes on the grass and through black lights, bubbles, strobes etc and in the dark which made me nervous about stepping in a hole or divet and twisting my ankle.

Even still…it was fun. Daniel had a ball but about half way through….he practically could not run any more. For one…it was 97 degrees and secondly, he expended so much energy dancing and having a good time with girls and the DJ. 🙂

Even though I walked a lot with him….it was challenging due to the heat and dark. We all had a good time and were soaking wet at the finish.

I had a friend up who spend the night on Friday so I couldn’t do my long run on Saturday. It was 100 degrees so we couldn’t do much. We did go eat breakfast at “Wildflower” and went the Art Museum afterwards. At about 1pm, she headed for her home in Mid-Mo.

Afterwards, Kevin and I grocery shopped and rested in a nice cool apartment and met up with the kids later for dinner at Pho Grand. We all love Vietnamese food. It was a nice time.

Daniel begged to spend the night but due to my long run on Sunday morning, I couldn’t let him. I always feel so guilty for letting him down plus I love being with him. I told him I’d come and get him after I run…if I run.

I gave a lot of thought to running 15 miles on such an extremely hot and humid day. I saw a runner pass out on Saturday and he was a young and fit runner. I really worried about my health.

I woke up early and intended to attempt to run 15 until I took the dogs down to potty! At 6:30am, it was 85 degrees….and muggy. I just knew that would be impossible but I was very disappointed because this was to be an important day for my training. I’ve never run over 13.5 miles before and this was to be my first one.

I decided to just attempt to run what I could and stop stressing about missing a training.

Kevin ran with me so I knew I wouldn’t run for more than 4 or 5 miles. It was very hot even at 7:30am and I knew it would be tough. We ran for 5 miles with a 3/1 run/walk ratio. I took plenty of water and because Kevin ran and didn’t ride the bike to carry my stuff, I had to carry the water which is always a nuisance to me.

We ran 5.2 miles and it really wasn’t that bad. I actually felt like I could run much more than that but because Kevin’s Plantar’s Fasciitis started acting up, we cut it short.

After we got back to that nice, cold apartment… I drank some water and talked a bit with my sister on the phone, I grabbed my music and hit the streets again. It was probably as hot of a day that I can remember in a while and at least that I have run on.

I ran 3.2 more miles and had a decent time! 🙂 I burned about 1200 calories altogether. I am still extremely disappointed about not being able to run an important training run but I was fairly pleased that after 5 in that heat, I was able to get back out and run more.

Still disppointed. I was not near a treadmill or I would have done that.

My son worked and my daughter in law is working the night shift at Barne’s Jewish Hospital tonight so I kept the kids for 3 hours so she could get an afternoon nap.

Kevin and Daniel played video games and Sadie and I played. And of course, if something is funny….babies repeat it over and over. So she jumped up and ran for a hug routine about 60 times! I love those kids.

As usual on Sunday, I get depressed leaving St Louis and the kids. Honestly, if it were up to me, I’d find a job in St. Louis, sell our house in Columbia and live there and be a real grandma to my kiddies. Not only would I be close to them and get to be a part of their regular lives, I love St. Louis and Forest Park for all the opportunities for running and exercise.

I leave my heart in St. Louis every time I leave. I love my home in Columbia and I love Columbia, but that’s not where my heart lives.

This heat wave will last until about Wednesday and then it’s supposed to cool off.

Long week of training this week….and a job and boss that hate more each week.

~Thinking of Napa and NorCal~

Glo in the Dark

It’s been a busy and stressful week and with my marathon training intensifying…I’m so beat that I don’t feel like updating my blog.

It has been so hot that there is no way that I could run outside and live!

Tuesday was 3 on the treadmill, Wednesday 7 miles and today was 4. It is taking its toll on me and it’s going to get worse.

I am watching movies while running and I have to admit, that does help.

Tomorrow night in St. Louis, my family and I are going to run in the Glo-Run. I can’t wait. Daniel loves doing this and even Sadie with her mommy in a stroller will be joining the fun, also. My son, Kevin and a friend are all forming a team. We have our glowy things and our team is named the “Fireballs” named by Daniel who is also the Captain of our team! 🙂

I have the big 15 miler coming up on Sunday morning. It is supposed to be on Saturday but with the 5k on Friday night and my friend visiting, I’ll move it to Sunday. And with temps topping out at 99 degrees on Sunday…not sure I’ll make it. I’ll do an early morning run but even then it will be hot and humid. This will either make or break me.

My toe is still a bit sore but with the gel toe cap, it’s been tolerable.

My friend and I are driving up to St. Louis in the morning and Kevin and the dogs will join us later. Our Glo-Run is in Forest Park and starts at 8:10pm. I don’t do many theme races but I love doing anything that gets my family involved in running and understanding that running can be fun.


I have been eating very healthy this week and with all the running, I’ve also not had much time to over ate so my calories have been low. Today I ate an apple fritter and my stomach has been upset all the day including now.

Increased miles have played serious games with my stomach! TMI 🙂

~Run for Fun~

Money for Nothing and Your Blisters for Free

Today is “rest” day but due to missing cross-training yesterday, I need to do some cardio-boxing.

I usually enjoy that because after a day of work out here, I need to punch someone….for real.

After being off several days and loving it….it was like a nightmare having to wake up at 4:45am to get ready for work. I’m behind, overwhelmed, unmotivated…etc

My toe is feeling much better than I thought it would but I did wear soft shoes, no socks and a gel toe cap.

I’ll put some running shoes on tonight to see how it feels. Maybe I heal better than I think?

I still can’t imagine running yet but maybe tomorrow, I’ll be able to get in my 3 miles. With the increasing temperatures, it will likely be on the treadmill. I’m due for 7 miles on Wednesday….I cannot imagine 7 miles on the treadmill or heat! 🙂

I really need to get off the pity train and man up for the rest of the training because it’s not going to get any easier. I wish the marathon was tomorrow! HA!

I am in week  10 of the training with 61 days to go.

It needs to end soon because I am spending $$$ on running stuff…things I need and things I do not need.

I am spending more money on fuel (GU, Bonk Breakers, Shot Blocks, NUUN) than I am regular food.

1 bought 2 pair of $15 socks….(still never dreamed I’d do that)….$20 gel toe caps… all for feet comfort.

This weekend, I visited and bought stuff at REI, True Runner, Big River Running.

I’m getting ready to purchase another pair of running shoes to alternate until the marathon. I currently have 3 pair of expensive running shoes that I run in. There is also a pair of Brooks Trail shoes that I am dying to have. $150

Whoever said running was cheap is full of shit. I used to play golf for less money than running.


So, let me summarize:

My joints ache, I’m sore for days after my long run on Saturdays, I walk like I’m 90 years, I busted the top off my toe, I’m so stiff that I can’t bend to tie my shoes, I listen to music that I don’t like, my nipples, butt crack and underarms get chaffed, I eat stuff that my dogs wouldn’t eat (except for the peanut butter/chocolate GU), I spend enough money each month to buy a new car, I no longer have free time, I’m so tired on Saturday night that I go to bed before it gets dark, I never get to sleep in anymore….

So tell me again why I am doing this?

You think I'm crazy because </p>
<p>I run?? </p>
<p>Trust me, you'd see crazy </p>
<p>if I didn't run!

~A Therapist is Cheaper~


a WTF?? Injury…

So, last night…I slept well. I didn’t overeat or drink any liquor and laid out my running things plus fuel for my 10 mile run the next morning.

When I woke up, it was raining fairly moderately but I was happy because as you know, I love running in the rain and especially if it was hot or humid.

I ate oatbran for breakfast, fed, pooped and walked the dogs.

For the first 2 miles, I couldn’t get my run groove. I ran for a mile at a faster pace than I should have and between mile 1 and 2, I had to take a couple very short walk breaks. I couldn’t get my pace right for some reason. After 2 miles, I started to get my rhythm and the slow rain felt good. I ran city streets from  my apartment to downtown St. Louis near Busch Stadium.

Near mile 6, felt a sharp excruciating pain in my toe on my right foot. I had never experienced toe pain before. I kept running and it kept feeling worse. It got so bad that I could not run so I paused my Garmin and sat on a bench and pulled my shoe off.

I was shocked that my sock and shoe was full of bright red blood. The very top of my middle toe on the right foot had practically come off.

The only thing that I can think of that caused such a thing was that my sock was soaking wet for so long, the toe box of my new shoes allowed my toe to move around, and with constant striking…it just took the top off.

Ok, I’m 4.5 miles from home and I admit…I cried. I was just totally frustrated and did not know how I could make it home.

I adjusted my sock in a way that put a sort of bandage around the toe. I thought that might help and I bit my lip and started back running.

It was painful but I put it out of my mind. I thought to myself that if I were in an actual marathon…what would I do?

Kevin was with me on his bike but not much he could do but watch me cry and encourage me along the way. It did actually get better. I quickly stopped crying and finished that 4.5 miles.

I ran 10.5 miles and my last mile was a sub 9 mile. I was so mad and frustrated I just said fuck it and ran.


Sorry, I know it’s gross

I ate well today and  have hydrated well since the run. I cut the top of the toe skin off and that may have been a mistake but not sure what else to do. I will have to wear a toe cap because I am pretty sure it won’t be healed any time soon. It’s 9:30pm and it’s still sore to touch and bleeding.

This or anything like this has ever happened to me before. It seems like such a strange thing to happen…right? I have run many, many miles in the rain and in these socks. I guess maybe the bigger toe box on the shoe allowed the toe to move around.

I have a couple days off but 3 miles Tuesday, 7 miles Wednesday, 4 Thursday….a fun Glo-Run 5k with Family plus Daniel on Friday night and 15 miles on Saturday!!!! Shit, shit, shit!

A red-letter run day for Charlotte! HA!

Kevin and I had a great late lunch at “The Vine“…one of our favorite Mediterranean places on South Grand. I ate what I love….hummus, pita bread, lentil soup and falafels.




It’s 9:30pm and I have not eaten anything else. I didn’t overeat and feel good…well, except for that toe thing.

We went to our favorite running store after lunch and spent $$$ for shoes for Kevin and more GU, Bonk Breakers…etc for me.

Time for rolling out those sore quads and calves….

~Run the Day~