Summer Fling Don’t Mean a Thing…..

It’s been a few days since I blogged. I’ve been going through some family issues that has taken its toll on us all. Sadly, the worse is yet to come.

I’ve gotten behind on reading my favorite people’s WordPress blogs so please forgive me and I’ll try to catch up soon. I love keeping up with you all. 🙂

I managed to get in all my runs this week but that 12 miles in the morning might be a big tough! I have a minor right hip issue and have never had that type of pain before. I think it happened after Tuesday’s 6 mile run but not sure. I read in a running book that it could be a bursitis stemming from overuse. I’ve had it iced today and think it will be ok. It seems ok when I’m running but hurts afterwards.

Today is rest day and I really needed. I’ve been fairly lazy today after I worked my partial day. I managed to do some laundry and walk the dogs. I don’t feel well or maybe it’s the worry and stress. I laid on the sofa watching “American Ninja Warrior” with lust and envy! 🙂 We are headed out soon to our apartment in STL.

I would liked to have stayed in Columbia this weekend but we got tickets to the “Muny” to watch a live musical “Grease.” It is one of my favorite movies so it will be a nice night out for Kevin and me.

I worked 16 years for Emerson who practically owns St. Louis! 

Summer dreams ripped at the seams

But, oh, those summer nights

We usually take a picnic of wine, cheese, fruit, meat, olives, nuts etc and lay on a blanket under “our” willow tree for a pre-show dinner. Then we put away our food and walk over to the outdoor venue for a 8:15pm live musical.

Last year we went to see “Mary Poppins” and the year before “Dream Girls.” I enjoy it immensely.

First, I need to get up early for 12 with Kevin riding shotgun on his bike to keep an eye out on me.

After that, Kevin and I are keeping Sadie so James can take Daniel to a movie for a Daddy and Son day. I think they are seeing “Guardians of the Galaxy.” This is Allison’s first weekend shift since she got that great nursing job at Barnes Jewish Hospital in STL. Then a picnic and the Muny for my hunny and me. 🙂

Last Year's Muny + Picnic
Last Year’s Muny + Picnic

Marathon training is both a curse and a blessing during stressful times but I did enjoy my rest day.

Today is day 48 of my marathon training.

~Love Your Family~


6 thoughts on “Summer Fling Don’t Mean a Thing…..

  1. Training is definitely a blessing a curse. My wife sometimes says I’m having an affair with my running shoes. I had an overuse injury with my left knee after my fall marathon last year. I didn’t realize that’s what it was so I used it some more and took me a few weeks of no running to heal. Have you seen a trainer or doctor?

    1. Haven’t seen a doctor and my 12 miles went very well and no pain except tight right hamstring in mile 11 :-). My husband says marathon training is my husband lol

      1. Glad you could run without it hurting! We have all these blogs and groups for distance runners, but there should probably be a spouses of runners support group!

      2. Lol my husband is a runner too but injured. And injured runners who want to run are hard to live with! I need a support group “spouses of injured runners” lol

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