Favorite Movie, Ever!

I am on vacation until 8/18 but unlike my other vacations, I’m staying home and spending time with Daniel!

I need time off work and I will enjoy my time with him. He will drive me nuts but in a good way as always.

Last night was my 6 mile run and I was so totally exhausted after work and felt I may be coming down with something. I’ve had a sore throat and a bit of tiredness but nothing serious.

But I did something last night that I’ve never done so it was a PR, I ran 6.2 miles (the most i’ve run at one time was 3.5) on a treadmill! It wasn’t that bad and if I had a TV in the basement, I think I could tolerate it better. I got an excellent workout and did some heavy sweating! After work last night, I was tired, it was warm and humid and I didn’t feel well so the treadmill seemed like a better option than the road. I had actually talked myself out of running last night but I’m OCD about this training. 🙂

The temps were cooler tonight and it tricked me! I ran my 3 miles outside and the humidity was so thick I could see it! It was a slow 3 miles but I did it. I’m showered and laying on the sofa with my feet up, puppies around me and watching the Cardinals (hopefully) beat the Red Sox.

Still no real news on my brother except for they want him in Vanderbilt for more tests. I fear time is running out and a bit frustrated with his doctors.

I’m still worried about my son but he got on his expensive medication today. I’m praying no side affects and that we can get him well. He’s on my mind all day and all night.

Tomorrow is rest day and and I’ll spend the day playing with the puppies, taking them to the Vet for $300 worth of puppy shots, tests and licenses. Then some housework getting ready for my cute little 7 year old visitor.

We will head to St. Louis tomorrow night. Saturday morning is time for the big 13.1 run. Saturday night, Kevin and I are going to “Off Broadway” to see one of our all time favorites “Dave Alvin.”



Sunday, we will head back to Columbia with Daniel for a week of spoiling him!

So…the end to a tough, emotional and stressful week.

I’m looking forward to my weekend and vacation time next week.

~Paid Time Off~


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