Rest Day = Damn Clean House

The first day of my vacation time and a rest day from running.

If you know runners who are putting in 25-30 miles per week, you know that on a rest day….your house will be cleaned spotless……and so is mine!

I have a home that has 3 levels and ~2500 sq ft. I cleaned the main level rooms until you could eat off the floors and even do surgery in them…yes, that clean. I also did work on the other 2 floors but they didn’t need as much work.

I woke up on my first day off at 6:30 am. Peyton came in and joined Kevin and me in bed enjoying his extensive belly rub while Eli is still in his crate. Eli sleeps in his crate by choice. 🙂 Peyton loves that time without Eli around.

I ate a light breakfast, walked the dogs and then the cleaning began.

It’s been cooler and rainy so it was a good day to clean house.

Something funny happened….I had music on and Peyton was laying in my bed while I was working in the kitchen. I looked at him (he didn’t see me) and he was wagging his tail to the music…it was so funny! I have never seen a dog do that. 🙂

And…today is Eli’s 3rd birthday so our tradition is hamburgers for the both of them on their birthdays….that always goes over well.


P & E had vet appointment for shots, check up, heartworm test etc….and that was a freaking nightmare. I usually take them separate or with Kevin but took them together by myself today. Major mistake. Eli barked for 15 minutes waiting on the vet to come in the room. I took him out while they worked on Peyton and he proceeded to raise his leg and pee on every bad of dogfood on the bottom shelves of their store.

If I had one ounce of someone who could abuse animals in me….it would have emerged today. I needed a glass of wine after that!

They got shots, perfect weight and healthy. I did tell the lady at the desk that Eli peed on everything so she could clean it up. Embarrassed!

We are all packed and when Kevin gets home, we’ll head for St. Louis. I hope the weather stays rainy and cool because I have 13.1 miles to pound out in the morning. I’ll likely do it in Forest Park…2 laps.

Tomorrow night, Kevin and I will be going to a concert or actually performance in a small venue…my favorite type of place.

I’m looking forward to seeing Daniel and Sadie and Daniel will be coming home with us.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie is out today! I see that in our future. It looks awesome.



I haven’t eaten well today and low calories. I did have 2 glasses of Moscato wine with gorgonzola cheese and I am feeling pretty mellow now.





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