A Fishing Line and a Slack Line

I have probably gained 5+ lbs this week. But I have enjoyed every minute with that funny little 7-year-old.

I have felt progressively better all week and I woke up this morning healthy and full of energy.

Today, he rode his bike out in front of me while I ran 5 miles this morning on the MKT trail. I made it pretty good on this 5 miles but got winded a couple of times trying to keep up with Daniel on his bike. He got tired in the end and almost had a couple of accidents but he was a great trooper and will be a great athlete in the future…I just know that.


Today we had a picnic at Stephen’s Lake, went fishing, swimming and some young people in the park taught him slack-lining and he did a pretty good job of walking the line.

Slack Lining


It’s amazing how much you can find out about what little boys think about while fishing with them. I just let him talk…and talk…and talk.



We take him back to St. Louis tomorrow afternoon. I am very worried about the situation in St. Louis. I am afraid violence will break out all over the city, not just Ferguson. I worry about my son and daughter in law driving to and back from work and Daniel and Sadie in schools while violence may be happening all over the city. I am prayerful that this will stop peaceably.

I will be very sad and heartbroken when I take Daniel back home but I had this week. It was wonderful. He was respectful, funny, hard-headed, fun-loving, motor-mouthed and full of energy.

He told me this has been the best week of his life…so far 🙂 It was mine, also.

Of course he got spoiled mercilessly. He needed this because is a bit (a lot) jealous of the attention that his parents have to give Sadie and that is causing some behavioral problems but not this week.

While we were fishing, he spilled his guts innocently about his feelings about that. I listened and tried to reassure him about his place in his family and his parents’ love for him. I hope I made that better.

Of course we didn’t catch any fish. It’s hard for the fish to get the lure while he’s reeling it in constantly! 🙂

Something funny and embarrassing happened yesterday while he and I were downtown eating at a place called “Booches”. It’s an old establishment with “supposedly” the best hamburgers in Missouri and is rumored to have been a place that Mark Twain ate a few times. But the hamburgers are fairly expensive for small hamburger and and they only take cash. I took out $20 out of the ATM. When she brought the ticket, it was $19.50. I only had 2 quarters to leave on the table for a tip. As we walked out the door, Daniel tapped the waitress on the back and told her not to forget the 2 quarters we left her on the table! 🙂 I was pretty embarrassed but had to laugh later.

~Peace, Love & Fishing~


4 thoughts on “A Fishing Line and a Slack Line

  1. Isn’t it amazing how kids can find the simplest things to be the most important. I mean, wow…I’m sure that he could care less about catching a fish, it’s just that you made the effort to spend time with him and listen to him. And to know that he was concerned that those quarters you left for the waitress were so important that he felt it necessary to inform her not to forget the gift you left shows that we all could learn a lesson about what’s most important in life and how precious it is to view life from the eyes of a child. Thanks for sharing this. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for your comment. That means a lot to me. Especially today because I took him home and miss him so much. Kids are amazing and I felt like a kid around him. Again, thank you for that sweet comment.

  2. When a little boy tells you it’s the best day ever, then you gotta believe it! How rewarding is that? These wonderful times that you’re sharing with him will stay with him forever. That means a lot. 🙂

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