Daniel the Giant Climber

I spent my last day with Daniel before taking him home to St. Louis. We had another great day.

I gave him breakfast in bed which he said he has never had before. He felt pretty special with that. 🙂


He wanted to go to the gym (ARC) where Kevin and I work out and Daniel remembered as a kid because it has a great indoor pool. We let him swim for a long time even in the deeper end….which always makes me exceptionally nervous.



We played basketball on the court and I forgot how much I like playing basketball. But, I have a sore Achilles that I think occurred while playing. I hope that is not serious and goes away. That would be the death-nail for marathon training.



We went to lunch (Daniel’s choice) and home to pack up his clothes, toys and the dogs and headed to St. Louis.

At about 40 minutes from St. Louis, he asked me was we near St. Louis or Columbia. I told him St. Louis and he started crying saying “he didn’t want our vacation to end this way.” He was crying so hard I couldn’t understand what he was saying. He wanted to stay with us some more.


As one last thing on our trip in, we stopped at “The Awakening” sculpture which is famous and pretty cool. It looks like a giant is coming up out of the ground. We stopped and played on it for a while. It is in Chesterfield, MO. (A suburb of St. Louis)


His mom and dad got a new car today so he was ready to go home, see his parents, baby sister and his new car. My ex-husband (Daniel’s granddad) is up visiting them for the weekend.

And so the end comes to a great week for me….and Daniel 🙂 It’s weird but my heart feels good and so sad at the same time. But, I get to spend plenty of time with him but this was special.

So, Kevin and I are all alone for the rest of the weekend (except dogs) which almost never happens for us up here!

We walked the dogs and I am exhausted and emotional from leaving Daniel. I showered and laying on the sofa, watching Cardinals with an ice pack on my right achilles tendon area hoping for the best.

I have 10 miles to run in the morning which is not very appealing to me at this point! It’s still pretty humid here but hopefully if I get it done early enough in the morning.

I think I’ll do a city street run in the morning vs. Forest Park.

On a note….Peyton and Eli are glad to have their parents back…

~Enjoy Your Life~




3 thoughts on “Daniel the Giant Climber

  1. I hope your Achilles is feeling better. I have to know where in Chesterfield is that sculpture. I have never heard of it and I live 20 minutes from there. I want to see that.

    1. Thank you. The sculpture is great and probably the best I’ve seen anywhere. It is located at Chesterfield Parkway and Park Circle Drive adjacent to Chesterfield Central Park.16365 Lydia Hill Road. I heard there is a huge Marilyn Monroe in Chesterfield too but haven’t seen it.

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