Money for Nothing and Your Blisters for Free

Today is “rest” day but due to missing cross-training yesterday, I need to do some cardio-boxing.

I usually enjoy that because after a day of work out here, I need to punch someone….for real.

After being off several days and loving it….it was like a nightmare having to wake up at 4:45am to get ready for work. I’m behind, overwhelmed, unmotivated…etc

My toe is feeling much better than I thought it would but I did wear soft shoes, no socks and a gel toe cap.

I’ll put some running shoes on tonight to see how it feels. Maybe I heal better than I think?

I still can’t imagine running yet but maybe tomorrow, I’ll be able to get in my 3 miles. With the increasing temperatures, it will likely be on the treadmill. I’m due for 7 miles on Wednesday….I cannot imagine 7 miles on the treadmill or heat! 🙂

I really need to get off the pity train and man up for the rest of the training because it’s not going to get any easier. I wish the marathon was tomorrow! HA!

I am in week  10 of the training with 61 days to go.

It needs to end soon because I am spending $$$ on running stuff…things I need and things I do not need.

I am spending more money on fuel (GU, Bonk Breakers, Shot Blocks, NUUN) than I am regular food.

1 bought 2 pair of $15 socks….(still never dreamed I’d do that)….$20 gel toe caps… all for feet comfort.

This weekend, I visited and bought stuff at REI, True Runner, Big River Running.

I’m getting ready to purchase another pair of running shoes to alternate until the marathon. I currently have 3 pair of expensive running shoes that I run in. There is also a pair of Brooks Trail shoes that I am dying to have. $150

Whoever said running was cheap is full of shit. I used to play golf for less money than running.


So, let me summarize:

My joints ache, I’m sore for days after my long run on Saturdays, I walk like I’m 90 years, I busted the top off my toe, I’m so stiff that I can’t bend to tie my shoes, I listen to music that I don’t like, my nipples, butt crack and underarms get chaffed, I eat stuff that my dogs wouldn’t eat (except for the peanut butter/chocolate GU), I spend enough money each month to buy a new car, I no longer have free time, I’m so tired on Saturday night that I go to bed before it gets dark, I never get to sleep in anymore….

So tell me again why I am doing this?

You think I'm crazy because </p>
<p>I run?? </p>
<p>Trust me, you'd see crazy </p>
<p>if I didn't run!

~A Therapist is Cheaper~



6 thoughts on “Money for Nothing and Your Blisters for Free

  1. I took up running thinking it would be a cheap hobby, too.
    Damn was I wrong! Between things I want (clothes and races), things I need (shoes), and those extra little surprises (hospital bills), I definitely had to rethink my budget!

      1. And let’s be completely honest while we’re at it… 99% of my wardrobe is running clothes anyway. Even when I’m not running 🙂

  2. I go through running shoes so fast I stopped paying attention to the look, and will buy the ‘ugly’ version that is cheaper, but just as supportive. And I always ask for running socks as gifts. Those are priceless!

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