Glo in the Dark

It’s been a busy and stressful week and with my marathon training intensifying…I’m so beat that I don’t feel like updating my blog.

It has been so hot that there is no way that I could run outside and live!

Tuesday was 3 on the treadmill, Wednesday 7 miles and today was 4. It is taking its toll on me and it’s going to get worse.

I am watching movies while running and I have to admit, that does help.

Tomorrow night in St. Louis, my family and I are going to run in the Glo-Run. I can’t wait. Daniel loves doing this and even Sadie with her mommy in a stroller will be joining the fun, also. My son, Kevin and a friend are all forming a team. We have our glowy things and our team is named the “Fireballs” named by Daniel who is also the Captain of our team! 🙂

I have the big 15 miler coming up on Sunday morning. It is supposed to be on Saturday but with the 5k on Friday night and my friend visiting, I’ll move it to Sunday. And with temps topping out at 99 degrees on Sunday…not sure I’ll make it. I’ll do an early morning run but even then it will be hot and humid. This will either make or break me.

My toe is still a bit sore but with the gel toe cap, it’s been tolerable.

My friend and I are driving up to St. Louis in the morning and Kevin and the dogs will join us later. Our Glo-Run is in Forest Park and starts at 8:10pm. I don’t do many theme races but I love doing anything that gets my family involved in running and understanding that running can be fun.


I have been eating very healthy this week and with all the running, I’ve also not had much time to over ate so my calories have been low. Today I ate an apple fritter and my stomach has been upset all the day including now.

Increased miles have played serious games with my stomach! TMI 🙂

~Run for Fun~


4 thoughts on “Glo in the Dark

  1. Great job on your runs and good luck on your run Sunday!! Have fun on Saturday!! The Glo run sounds marvelous!! I’m sure you’ll have a blast with family!! XOXO!!

  2. You’re going strong! That glo-run sounds like so much fun! And to do it with the family and friends will be special too. That long run won’t break you. It may be tough and you may not even finish, but it won’t break you! Running in that kind of heat and humidity is tough.

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