Disappointing and Second Guessing

The Glo Run on Friday night a lot of fun for our family and it was so unbelievably hot!

It was fun and full of young teenage girls and mostly young women but many young men and families with children! The thing I did not like about it was that it took some routes on the grass and through black lights, bubbles, strobes etc and in the dark which made me nervous about stepping in a hole or divet and twisting my ankle.

Even still…it was fun. Daniel had a ball but about half way through….he practically could not run any more. For one…it was 97 degrees and secondly, he expended so much energy dancing and having a good time with girls and the DJ. 🙂

Even though I walked a lot with him….it was challenging due to the heat and dark. We all had a good time and were soaking wet at the finish.

I had a friend up who spend the night on Friday so I couldn’t do my long run on Saturday. It was 100 degrees so we couldn’t do much. We did go eat breakfast at “Wildflower” and went the Art Museum afterwards. At about 1pm, she headed for her home in Mid-Mo.

Afterwards, Kevin and I grocery shopped and rested in a nice cool apartment and met up with the kids later for dinner at Pho Grand. We all love Vietnamese food. It was a nice time.

Daniel begged to spend the night but due to my long run on Sunday morning, I couldn’t let him. I always feel so guilty for letting him down plus I love being with him. I told him I’d come and get him after I run…if I run.

I gave a lot of thought to running 15 miles on such an extremely hot and humid day. I saw a runner pass out on Saturday and he was a young and fit runner. I really worried about my health.

I woke up early and intended to attempt to run 15 until I took the dogs down to potty! At 6:30am, it was 85 degrees….and muggy. I just knew that would be impossible but I was very disappointed because this was to be an important day for my training. I’ve never run over 13.5 miles before and this was to be my first one.

I decided to just attempt to run what I could and stop stressing about missing a training.

Kevin ran with me so I knew I wouldn’t run for more than 4 or 5 miles. It was very hot even at 7:30am and I knew it would be tough. We ran for 5 miles with a 3/1 run/walk ratio. I took plenty of water and because Kevin ran and didn’t ride the bike to carry my stuff, I had to carry the water which is always a nuisance to me.

We ran 5.2 miles and it really wasn’t that bad. I actually felt like I could run much more than that but because Kevin’s Plantar’s Fasciitis started acting up, we cut it short.

After we got back to that nice, cold apartment… I drank some water and talked a bit with my sister on the phone, I grabbed my music and hit the streets again. It was probably as hot of a day that I can remember in a while and at least that I have run on.

I ran 3.2 more miles and had a decent time! 🙂 I burned about 1200 calories altogether. I am still extremely disappointed about not being able to run an important training run but I was fairly pleased that after 5 in that heat, I was able to get back out and run more.

Still disppointed. I was not near a treadmill or I would have done that.

My son worked and my daughter in law is working the night shift at Barne’s Jewish Hospital tonight so I kept the kids for 3 hours so she could get an afternoon nap.

Kevin and Daniel played video games and Sadie and I played. And of course, if something is funny….babies repeat it over and over. So she jumped up and ran for a hug routine about 60 times! I love those kids.

As usual on Sunday, I get depressed leaving St Louis and the kids. Honestly, if it were up to me, I’d find a job in St. Louis, sell our house in Columbia and live there and be a real grandma to my kiddies. Not only would I be close to them and get to be a part of their regular lives, I love St. Louis and Forest Park for all the opportunities for running and exercise.

I leave my heart in St. Louis every time I leave. I love my home in Columbia and I love Columbia, but that’s not where my heart lives.

This heat wave will last until about Wednesday and then it’s supposed to cool off.

Long week of training this week….and a job and boss that hate more each week.

~Thinking of Napa and NorCal~


3 thoughts on “Disappointing and Second Guessing

  1. Awesome running in the heat! Too bad it was so hot for the glo run. It’s been hot and very humid here too (but not as hot as you!) and it is tough running in it. Soaking wet with sweat and drinking tons of water.

  2. Good idea to take it easy in the heat! Better safe than sorry! Thinking cool thoughts for your part of the country. Heat and humidity are such downers!

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