Run in the Rain and Eat Like a Kid

Even with the heat, I ran my 4 miles outside on the MKT tonight and no treadmill tonight! Kevin ran with me and we went on the MKT trail. 1.5 miles from home, a big thunderstorm rolled in and lightning striking all around. One strike hit so close that I felt in on my arm. The hair was standing up! 🙂

The rain cooled everything down and it felt great.

I was scared and exhilarated at that same time but I ran that last 1.5 mile at a fast speed! It was also getting dark.

I have to run 8 miles tomorrow night. If it’s cool enough, I may run it on the trail but otherwise…treadmill.

Now, I want to talk about my love for cereal.

For as long as I remember, I have loved cereal. And not just a cereal but most any cereal. I love Frosted Flakes, Lucky Charms, Honey Nut Cheerios, Special K, Raisin Bran, Cheerios….but probably my favorite it Corn Flakes.

I can eat cereal for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. I feel like a kid in a cereal aisle. As I got older and especially since I lost 131 lbs, I try to leave cereal alone. Each time I get a box, my husband gives me that look. I know that none of them are really good for you.

But, since I’ve been training for the marathon…..I have felt freedom that fills me with joy to get any cereal that I want and eat that stuff any damn time I want!

I have eaten Corn Flakes and Skim milk for dinner this entire week! I even think about it on my drive home. I can’t wait to pour that big bowl of cereal, skim milk and eat like a little kid!

I eat a normal breakfast, healthy lunch, figs, bananas, etc during the day but I eat my cereal for dinner.

I could eat an entire box of cereal per day…..

~They’re Great~



5 thoughts on “Run in the Rain and Eat Like a Kid

  1. I don’t eat cereal anymore, as I try to watch my carb intake, but I used to love it. Rasin Bran was my fave. I liked Cheerios as well. There was nothing quite as satisfying as a bowl of cereal with ice cold mild. Yum!

    1. Yeah, that’s the reason I could never do a low carb diet anymore! I was Paleo for about 8 months and it finally took it’s toll on me. It is very hard to be a runner on low carb. My son is on full Paleo now and he has lost 36 lbs and looks and feels so much better. Do they make a carb free cereal? 🙂

    1. I just told my husband if I only had to buy grocery for me, it would be cheap because it would be boxes of cereal and skim milk! I could eat it every meal. 🙂

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