Hip to Be Square

As I am in week 11 of my 18 week training, I have to wonder if others experience one thing after another like I do or is it my age? I suspect both.

On my Tuesday 4 mile run, I noticed that I was having a sharp pain in my right hip at about 1 or 2 miles in. I was finally able to get comfortable and finish my run. I did experience a bit of hip pain later that night but nothing serious and the next morning I was all better.

I mowed and weed-eated on Monday night and my front yard is on an incline which I hate and I thought maybe I injured it doing that. I do push mowing because of all the flower/butterfly thingies in my yard.

Last night was the dreaded Wednesday medium run of 8 miles. I decided to do it on the MKT because it is fairly flat with some inclines and water along the way so I could fill up my 8 oz handheld Nathan a couple of times and not have to take bigger things of water.

I felt some pain during the run but nothing I couldn’t work through. But when I got home after the run and tried to get out of the car, I could hardly walk! I felt like I was not going to be able to walk up the steps to my front door. I hobbled downstairs, took a warm shower, put on pajamas, cuddled with the doggies and put cold packs on for the rest of the night.

I was in moderately severe pain when I went to bed and could not sleep at all. The pain eased but my mind kept me from sleeping worrying what it could be. Kevin made a comment before I went to bed that I couldn’t get out of my head. Kevin “You’re not going to have to have hip replacement like a lot of older women, are you?”

That stayed on my mind for the rest of the night! Thanks, Kevin! 🙂

So this morning I have googled everything to do with runner hip pain and at least for now, I have self-diagnosed myself with “hip bursitis” which is common among runners and particularly older, women runners. Nice….

My pain is in the area of where the above picture is described. It’s more to the front and outside of my pelvic area where my leg bends. I’ve experienced this a little bit in the past but nothing like from last night’s run.

I am keenly aware that my running career will be fairly short due to my age but I will prolong it as much as I can because I love running. It makes me a better person and not just in the physical health category.

Runner quote that fits me “If you think I’m crazy for running, you’d see crazy if I didn’t”….

I’m not trying to be dramatic about my issues because I read enough runner blogs and websites to realize that many runner experience training hiccups and injuries…but I worry because I am 54 years old. I’m paranoid enough to think every issue will end my running activities and end my chance of completing or at least trying to complete my first and perhaps only marathon in October.

So…please humor the incessant complaining? 🙂

I am at work today and can barely move around without pain. I’ve got cold packs stuffed down the front and side of my pants in my office! It’s a good thing that my company makes those cold packs, huh? 🙂

I am supposed to run 4 miles tonight and rest tomorrow but I will likely rest up tonight and tomorrow in preparation for Saturday’s 16 miler. I was hoping that this training week went as planned because I am getting into the critical and important stages of my training. But, I’d rather miss 4 tonight and be able to finish the 16 on Saturday which is important.

In retrospect, I should have padded the training with a couple of more weeks. And truthfully, I was training even before training so maybe I’m worried for nothing??

I really need to complete this 16 miler on Saturday and especially from the mental aspect of it.

And I don’t eliminate the real possibility that I cause many of my own problems such as not stretching or doing yoga the way I should.  I mean….I can power my ass up a mile incline but I can’t bend over and tie my shoes. Yep…

Even though my husband made a reference to me being older (I am older than he is) and maybe having hip replacement….he did make a sincere compliment that I’ve cherished even today as I’m limping around.

I was just out of the shower and he told me my body looked athletic! 🙂

 ~Runner’s Do It With a Limp~


13 thoughts on “Hip to Be Square

    1. I’m sure you will be running many years after 54 if you choose. I know I still see many older and old runners even in marathons…so I’m still hopeful. 🙂 I just started so late in my life at 49 and regret not starting younger. Maybe I’m trying to make up for lose time? Thanks for the comment. 🙂

  1. I have had knee and hip injuries in the past and my family has a pattern of lower body joint issues. Apparently we are all built a little weird in my family. I have found doing hip strengthening exercises at least twice a week, yoga at least twice a week, and running doing training runs 3 times a week has kept my pain at bay.

    1. I do yoga sometimes and I am really bad about not doing those things I need to do. I did some yoga last night and I feel better. I need to be more disciplined to make sure I routinely do that. thanks 🙂

  2. I had something with my hip that sounds similar to that right before my 5k. I’m not sure what it was but I took a week off before the run and started doing more of the walk/run/walk method by Jeff Galloway. Took about a month or little more for the pain to go away. But it has.

    I sure hope it’s nothing. I know how it feels to think you may not get to run something you’re talking for. Mine was just a 5k. I’ll pray for a quick recovery of whatever it may be.

    1. I feel much better today. At least I’m not limping and I slept with no pain. I really think it’s my shoes. I may run in some older shoes for my 16 miles on Saturday. If I need to walk/run on Saturday, I will. I hope it doesn’t take a month to heal! 🙂 Thanks for your comment.

  3. More than likely you have what is referred to as a “hip flexor injury”. It’s very common with runners and athletes. Hip flexors allow you to bend your knee and flex your hip. Sudden movements such as sprinting, kicking, and changing direction while running or moving can stretch and tear the hip flexors. You might not have a tear, but if it is strained, it’ll hurt like hell.

    I’ve had them before and the pain can be intolerable. Walking, sitting, bending, stooping or running can be very uncomfortable. Sadly, if that is indeed what you have, there’s not much you can do with it except some VERY light stretching and resting it. Any activity where you move the tendons and muscles in the hip area repeatedly, will just add more stress to the affected area resulting in more pain and discomfort and can further injure the area. I hope you can run and the pain goes away, but be wise and take care of yourself. 🙂 here’s a link to some hip flexor stretches you can try:


    1. Thank you so much for that information. That might very well be what I have. The pain does get better on my rest days. I was actually able to run my 16 miles yesterday. What is weird is that it hurt somewhat (not bad) for 6 miles and then kind of disappeared? Weird…but I’m in pain again today. I will likely see my doctor this week but I worry it will hurt my training. You know how stupid runners can be about health. 🙂

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