Keep Calm and Drink Schlafly Pumpkin Ale

I’m stressed (as usual) but I think I’m using that word way too much. I’m actually not….maybe “anxious” is the word I should use.

I skipped my 4 miler last night because of hip pain. I tried a mile on the treadmill today and pain stopped me at .33 mile. It wasn’t excruciating pain but pain. It it were 3, 4 or 5 miles…..I’d be able to push through it but 16 miles? And also, maybe I shouldn’t.

I’ll see how I feel in the morning before I hit the MKT trail. If I give it a try and the pain is still there at the beginning, I’ll give it a try on Sunday.

I’ll do this….remember, I am a beast. An old beast but one, nonetheless.

Surprisingly, I’m not that worked up over it…yet.

Side note: I am so damn hooked on “American Ninja Warrior” and I so want to try that jumping spider and also I just got distracted by seeing the Yadier is back in the Cardinal’s lineup…

Now, on to something important.

There is a special time of year for me and it starts in August. It’s more important than my anniversary to Kevin (Sept 22), Thanksgiving, Christmas…It is so important that family and friends text to remind me of it…not that they have to.

It’s when Schafly (a private “awesome” St. Louis beermaker) starts brewing and bottling it’s Pumpkin Ale. Just so you know, I am not one who likes very many types of beer. I will try most anything (especially anything Schafly brews) but anything other that a Bud Light is usually off my menu.


I have been known to hoard this beer all year-long. It usually loses its great taste but I still do it. It’s $10-12 a six pack…but it’s only money.

Once they sell out of what they brew and put in stores….(Decemberish), it’s over until the next August. It starts early at Schlafly Tap Room and in the stores in Missouri in late August.

Schlafly Pumpkin Ale reminds me of 2 things that are near and dear to my heart: football season and Autumn.

It’s taste is incredible and reminds me of camping and the smell of fall around a campfire. It may also remind me a bit of Thanksgiving dinner.

I love putting it in the freezer for a bit so it gets icy. I love drinking it in a chilled wine glass so that I can feel sophisticated.

I may love the smell of it almost as much as the taste. I stick my nose in it like it’s a fine wine to smell its boquet. I slosh it around to see if it has legs. (ok, maybe I don’t do that). I probably should.

A hint of pumpkin and spices and I smell dates….not sure why. It’s 8% ALC/Volume so go light. It’s slightly sweet but not overwhelming. It’s also 280 calories for 12 ounces so plan to work out before you have one.

I’ve tried many pumpkin beer/ale to see if any come close and they do not!

I could write a short story about how this beer makes me feel but I’ll spare you.

Kevin and I are staying in Columbia this weekend but with a heavy heart because another thing is going on in St. Louis which is near and dear to my heart….”The St. Nicholas Greek Festival.”

I love Greek people, Greek food, Greek dancing and Ouzo! I haven’t missed this festival in years but we have yard/house work to do in CoMo. Who knows, if my run goes well tomorrow, I might sweet talk Kevin into driving the The Lou for a Gyro and Baklava Ice Cream!



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