Tailgating & Tapering

Kevin and I spend all day Monday in Kansas City tailgating and attending a Kansas City Chiefs v New England Patriots game.

We spend Monday near the stadium. It was a tiring day and I was on my feet all day and night. I went as a guest of one of my suppliers at work and they had the tailgate catered in with a BBQ place in Kansas City.

So….I ate poorly, way too many calories and drank 3 or so bud light. I stopped drinking even before we went in the stadium to watch the game.

Chiefs beat the Patriots handily. It was a great game to watch and as you know….I love football. I love the excitement of being at a football game.

After the game we walked back to our hotel and I showered and crashed.

I also ate a big breakfast at the hotel so all in all….I fell off the junk and high caloric food wagon. I’ve been better the rest of the day and did manage to get in my last run of September….5 miles on the treadmill, sweating and watching Dexter.

We got back home to Columbia very early…we miss our dogs 🙂

The dogsitter took very good care of them and they like her. They were very happy to see us.

Back to work tomorrow and I’ll have an even shorter week because I’m off on Friday going to “Grandfriends” day at Daniel’s school. Popeye and I always enjoy doing that. 🙂

Next week I’ll be in St. Louis all week “Kaizen Leader” training. I will just stay at my apartment and be able to get my runs completed in my neighborhood where I’m comfortable and familiar.

I will miss my dogs for an entire week….oh, and Kevin. 🙂

I’m officially in marathon training taper! My long run on Saturday is only 12 and the next Saturday will be 8.

I think I have gained weight this weekend, I’ve been an eating machine!

I’m exhausted and ready to watch some baseball tonight.

“It doesn’t matter what happens between the starting line and the finish line. All that matters is that you cross both.” ~ Tracey Maher

20 Plus a Pizza

I did everything on my rest day on Friday to make sure I was as prepared as possible for the Saturday 20 miler. I ate right, stayed hydrated and most importantly, didn’t eat late in the night.

I slept well but I really didn’t want to get up and tackle that 20 miles. I know I say this way too much I never thought I’d be able to finish the 20. I had a bowl of oatmeal and some coffee at about 1.5 hours before I set out.

Drum roll…….I did it!!!


I felt pretty good up until about mile 16 or 17. Although my new Asics felt great, I got a cramp in my left foot at mile 16 that hung around for most of the rest of the run. It was the kind of cramp where the toes try to curl and cramp. The last time that happened, I thought it was because I wasn’t hydrated enough but I know I was today. I’ll have to do some more researching on that. I had to sit down once to take my shoe off and massage that foot.

It did calm it down a bit and I continued. I felt very good through mile 10 and as always….in my mind, I thought I’d even go for about 22 miles. I am sure runners do that often in the early part of their run. 🙂

It was a beautiful day in Columbia and my run intersected with Roots ‘n Blues Half-Marathoners. That always inspires me to see other runners of all fitness levels, ages etc.

Again, after I finished, I broke down in the ugly cry. I don’t why I do that. Maybe all the emotions just rush to my head at the end of a long run. I did that on the 18 mile run.

I showered, put on comfy clothes and laid in the bed with my puppies. I can’t tell you how much that heals me with Peyton and Eli laying with their head on me. Kevin waited on me hand and foot and I can’t deny I like that as well! HA!

I was craving Pizza Hut Meatlovers Pan Pizza and he went and got me one. I started thinking about that pizza at mile 15 and thought about it often as my reward. I haven’t had a Pizza Hut Pizza in 5 years or so. It hit the spot!! Oh, and a cold beer.


If You Run 20 miles, You Can Eat This!

Surprising, I feel well and not very sore at all. I did some laundry and walked around the backyard picking up sticks and dog poop. Right now, I feel awesome and no aches or pains. I actually think that is remarkable that I barely feel soreness. Now tomorrow will be another story with the delayed onset soreness.

I’m watching football and reading blogs for the rest of the night. I think I will sleep well tonight.

I’m glad the 20 miler is over. I can’t tell you  how much that has been in my head lately. I officially start the first week of taper. My mileage starts to go down considerably.

I will have to be careful because I hear that’s when you can gain some weight.

I will do my best to eat healthy, enough and not too much. 🙂

Do you ever have a song that comes on while running that gives you a boost?

“If I can see it, then I can do it, If I just believe it, there’s nothing to it” ~ R Kelly “I Believe I Can Fly” 

New Kicks and a Rest

On Wednesday, I did cut my 10 mile run to 7. I felt a tightness in my Achilles and probably because I went on a new route which was so damn hilly that I couldn’t believe it. It wore me out and I took a wrong turn that cut out 3 miles…so I went home fairly satisfied with my run.

I did my 5 miles for Thursday on the treadmill due to weather being warmer and I thought I would be able to keep check on that Achilles. I worked up a great sweat which I always do on the treadmill. I also watched another episode of Dexter and that helps pass the time.

Friday was rest day and a beautiful day! I worked my partial day, went by the Dairy Queen and got a small Pumpkin Pie Blizzard, took the dogs to the park to swim and socialize, went to the local running shoe store and bought new news. I am going back to my trusted Asics….so another $160…cha ching!

Peyton and Eli had a great time at the park playing and swimming but Eli always overdoes it with the swimming and is limping pretty bad now. He’s laid around with his head in my lap all evening. Hopefully he will be better tomorrow and want have to make a trip to the Vet.

I’ll use my pretty Brooks Glycerin for short runs. The running store told me if I run my 20 miles in these tomorrow and they don’t work for me, they will take them back. Asics always feels so good on my feet.

I am feeling really doubtful that I will be able to complete the 20 miles tomorrow. I have it mapped out and some of it is city running and most is trail running. I’m nervous…

I will do the best I can and hope I can at least remain injury free. If I can make it 20 miles tomorrow, the rest of the training should be easy.

I suspect I’ll be laid up tomorrow afternoon and hubby taking care of me again. I do like that part. 🙂

The “Roots ‘n Blues” half marathon is going on in Columbia in the morning also so I may cross paths with them.

“Your body will argue that there is no justifiable reason to continue. Your only recourse is to call on your spirit, which fortunately functions independently of logic.” Tim Noakes

Here Are Some…They Run for Fun

I have been lethargic and disengaged almost all week. That’s too bad because the weather is beautiful! But that doesn’t matter when you are at work, I guess.

I have still been in a slump since that horrible training run on Saturday. I’ve doubted seriously even if I wanted to continue. I debated taking a break but these weeks are crucial.

Yesterday was my 5 mile day and the first up after Saturday. I did not want to run. I tried to find ways all day to not do it. I still am feeling a bit under the weather and it seems to be going around because everyone at work is complaining of the same thing…coughing, congestion, headache, sore throat etc…I tried to make that case and not run.

Running is mental for sure. I just didn’t want to train and it dawned on me to stop thinking about it as being training. So I just decided that I wanted to run like I used to because I enjoyed it. The weather is great and a light breeze was blowing….so I went on a 5 mile fun run and it felt good!!



I went back to wearing my old Asics Nimbus and my toe on the right foot felt great! I am still looking to buy a new pair of the same type for my 20 mile run on Saturday.

I am supposed to run 10 miles today but I will probably keep that to 5. It’s hard to get in 10 before dark and I am not sure it is necessary. It’s more important that I do the 20 on Saturday. I’ve not missed any of my training so far and I’m on week 15 of 18 so I think I’ve done fairly well on sticking to the training schedule.

I still haven’t decided if I want to run the 20 in St. Louis or stay home in Columbia. I hate running on a trail for 20 miles so I’m leaning towards going back to the scene of the horror  show of 14 miles from this past Saturday! 😦

It would be better to stay in Columbia this weekend because we are going to Kansas City on Monday. From one end of the state to the other seems a bit much for one weekend.

Kevin and I are going to a Monday night football game (Chiefs vs Patriots) on this coming Monday and spending the night in Kansas City within walking distance of the stadium. We are going as guests of someone who is supplying an awesome Tailgate, catered  Jack Stack BBQ, liquor and a Bloody Mary bar along with free tickets near the field! We did it last year and I loved it. I also sat by Priest Holmes (former star running back for Chiefs) last year.

I love football 🙂

We arranged for our dog sitter to come feed, potty and play with Peyton and Eli while we are gone. They like that so much better than being boarded and it causes them less stress. It’s a bit more expensive but they get to stay home and lay around on the furniture! 🙂 We and they love our dog sitter, also.

I will have 5 to run on the Tuesday so I need to keep the tailgating to a minimum. 😉

I am feeling better today and maybe it’s because my run didn’t suck that much yesterday. Or maybe I’m just getting better from what ever I did have or was trying to get.

I am trying to view myself as in the homestretch of the marathon. I’m at week 15 and after Saturday, I start taper. Week 18 is almost no running and that worries me a bit!

Trust the training….they say

“Run soft, run strong, run balanced, run fast, run less and run repaired.” — Roy Wallack

My Right Foot

I’m trying very hard to get my groove back from that disastrous 14 mile run in St. Louis this past Saturday.

I am having some trouble doing that. A part of me thinks I have come down with something that is keeping me a bit sick and way low on energy…..but maybe its mental or maybe at my age….this type of training is not good for an old lady. HA!

I still want to complete that marathon so what do I do to get back on track?

Today is another rest day for me which I do cherish. I’m at work now and I have almost no energy to do anything.

I’m near tears. I’m emotional. I’m strongly doubting my ability to complete a marathon.

My more serious problem that I need to be concerned about is my toe injury. I had this same toe injury happen a month or so back which I should have addressed at that time. I thought I had with better and thicker running socks but that toe issue came back on Saturday at 7ish miles in.

It’s my right foot always and I know it’s mainly due to a slight “hammer toe” that I have on my middle toe. Brooks has a bigger toe box which many will say helps a hammer toe runner but it also allows for that toe to curl downward striking the bottom of the shoe. After so many miles, the skin at the top of the toe comes off and it’s excruciating to run on it. My old asics does not allow enough room for that toe to move and curl downward.

As you can see from the above picture, constant hitting on the ground may cause an issue and it has! Below is my injury from this past Saturday. I think that pain set off a chain of events that took its toll on me during that run.

Yes, it's gross!

Yes, it’s gross!

I bought gel toe caps but they slide off while running (another bad running day to talk about), I have other toe thingies but cause pain after so many miles in running shoes.

I should have had surgery on it long ago but it requires a pin in my foot for months so I never saw a need for it. It does not bother me on a day-to-day basis. It has also never bothered me running until now.

I’m know I’m running more mileage and that makes it worse but it’s never been a problem until I changed from Asics Nimbus to Brooks Glycerin. Now I will say, the Brooks feel wonderful on my left foot. It’s lighter than the asics and better for my style of running. But it’s hell on my right foot after 6 or so miles.

Someone suggested “injinji” toe socks and to put glide or vasoline on the toe. I will be trying those ideas also. Any other suggestions are welcomed! 🙂

Asics Nimbus 14 (love)

Asics Nimbus 14 (love)

Brooks GLycerin 12 (Hate/Love)

Brooks GLycerin 12 (Hate/Love)

The problem is that my Asics have become a bit small or shall I say my foot has gotten bigger. I need half size larger in the asics. And since the new Asics are Nimbus 16 so I don’t even know how that will feel.

I don’t have enough time to order old ones and have them come in for me to try out before the marathon.

So….maybe it’s a rookie mistake? 🙂

Anyway, I have read the comparisons and reviews of Nimbus 14, 15 and 16 and should be able to go into that shoe comfortably.

It’s just money, right? It would have been cheaper to take up golfing than running…..

~Happy 14th anniversary to my best friend and husband, Kevin~

“Marathoning. The triumph of desire over reason.” -New Balance

The 14 Miles That I’d Like to Forget

I should have stayed in Columbia this weekend. First, I came here so I could see Daniel and Sadie but especially Daniel. He’s been on my mind so much lately. I miss him terribly when I go a few weeks without seeing him.

Last night when we got into St. Louis at about 8:30pm, we had forgotten that this was the weekend for the 42nd “Forest Park Balloon Race” and in particular, last night was the “Glow in the Park” probably the most popular because all the balloons glow in the night sky. It’s actually very beautiful.

So, we got in the city and it took us 1.5 hours to get to our apartment, even though we could see it. And that was after the 2 hours travel to get here. Traffic was horrendous. The dogs where moaning to pee pee so I got out of the car and let Kevin keep on in the traffic.

So I walked through Forest Park at night for 1.7 miles to our apartment in sandals. By the time we got to our apartment, it was 10pm but at least we didn’t have to get back out to walk the dogs! HA!

But, I got a blister on the bottom of my foot from walking that far in sandals. And they started shooting fireworks (which were beautiful) but scared the dogs and it was hard to hold on to them…in the dark.

I didn’t eat well yesterday and still wasn’t feeling that great. I woke up this morning and did not eat a proper breakfast that I normally do before a big run.

We fed, walked the dogs and got our stuff together and drove to the downtown area near where the Rock ‘n Roll Marathon will begin and my intentions was to run the first half of the race that the Half Marathoners run.

I was tired when I started out. It was warmer than I like to run it. At mile 7, that same thing happened with my toe and the pain was excruciating. I will be retiring those Brooks Glycerin. But I did take another pair of socks so at about mile 8, I stopped and put on a second pair of socks to help with the pain and it did help some. But it made my shoes so tight…so there’s that!

The route goes right in front of my kids house and I almost stopped and asked them to take us home but I decided to try to finish it out. I knew I’d hate myself for the rest of the day if I didn’t at least try to weather the pain and tiredness. I always try to think if that was marathon day….how would I deal with those type issues so I soldiered on.

I got dizzy and nauseous which almost never happens on a run. I’ve never gotten dizzy. My legs would barely move. But I finally did finish my 14 miles and they were tortured miles for sure.

When we got to the car, I almost passed out. We were near St. Louis Cardinals Ballpark Stadium so we walked over to get a beer and some food. That was another weird thing…after a long run, I’m never hungry until later…but I was so hungry after the run that I couldn’t even wait to get home and get a shower.

The beer tasted cold and good and the shrimp po-boy sandwich was ok. I was still sick but the nauseousness went away. I was still dizzy and light-headed.

When we got home, I showered and laid down on the couch. Suddenly, I had chills and a high fever. I had felt like I was coming down with something for the last week.

I have kept that fever for the rest of the day and just now is it going down. I feel exhausted but some better.

My hope is that was why the run was so bad. I also think I took 14 miles for granted and didn’t do the right things before the run that I normally do. I didn’t eat enough fuel on the run either.

Anyway….as you guys know me by now….I’ve cried and felt terribly disappointed.

If today had been the marathon…..I would have not been able to complete it.

I do have 2 days off to recover. That toe may not recover and that’s another story.

I did not see to see my kids today. That is the reason I came to St. Louis. Daniel has pink eye and also has a fever. I didn’t want he and Sadie to be around me with the fever either.

We did facetime and they showed me apples they picked at Eckert’s Orchard.

My plan is to see them for a bit tomorrow. I have to see them.

So Kevin and I spent the rest of the day with Peyton and Eli in the apartment on a beautiful Saturday. I did manage to get out for a short bit to help walk the dogs.

I stopped by a frozen yogurt place and got a pumpkin pie frozen treat!

Enough complaining for now. This coming week will be challenging. 20 miles due up next Saturday.

“Relish the bad training runs. Without them it’s difficult to recognize, much less appreciate, the good ones.” -Pat Teske

Yes, I Am a Pirate……

“Mother, mother ocean, I have heard you call,
Wanted to sail upon your waters
since I was three feet tall.
You’ve seen it all, you’ve seen it all.”
~A Pirate Looks At Forty~ Jimmy Buffett

Today is “International Talk Like a Pirate Day” and I have always felt like I was a girl pirate in my past life…..

The first time that I heard the “A Pirate Looks at 40” by Jimmy Buffett….I have had a connection with that song.

I love how pirates dress and especially women, how they talk, their ruthlessness, riding the ocean, drinking, partying, ravaging and pillaging….and taking the spoils away in a treasure chest…

How do I know I was a pirate in another life?

01. I have a short temper. Pirates often got pissed quickly and did not hesitant to make mates walk the plank

02. I have an accent. I am from Tennessee and I have a very strong southern accent. Pirates have a particular accent and speech pattern and it’s hard to understand them also.

03. I have scars (both inside and out) and hard to manage hair. Pirates have scars or battle wounds, bad or rotten teeth and hard to manage hair. Well, I don’t have bad or rotten teeth but the rest..yeah

04. I love my pets. Pirates are often seen with parrots, monkeys etc as their sidekicks. 

05. In my past, I had questionable moral character. Pirates rape, plunder and steal.

06. Many may say that my choice of clothing is bohemian, hippy, gypsy or pirate style. I love the flousy blouses, knickers, silk, sailor’s petticoats, hoop earrings, feathers, hat….etc. Pirates also dress damn cool.

07. I love the ocean and could live on a sailboat. Pirates would only live on the ocean in their pirate ships!

08. After 14 weeks of marathon training, I walk with a limp. Pirates also walk with a limp and they often have wooden peg legs.

09. I collect boots! I find them sexy, casual or dressy. Pirates rock the most awesome boots ever. 

10. I love the sexy Jack Sparrow and Errol Flynn. All pirates look like these guys. Yes, I think they all wore eyeliner.

11. Oh, and I enjoy alcohol. Pirates drink plenty and especially rum. I got sick on rum when I was young…but I like the rest.

Pirate Quote: Keep calm and say ‘Arrr’.

Pirate’s code: First freedom and the captain. Second the loot, third woman and the rum and at the end no mercy if they not immediately surrender!

My Virtual Beach Run

Well, it’s finally happened…..

I had to take a vacation day to get in a run. Last week I had to take off early to get in a 9 mile run.

I also have not been feeling well so needed to sleep in a bit but the main reason I took off was to run. It feels like I’m getting a cold and I had a bit of fever last night but not fully kicking in? I do not know what’s going on with that.

Next Wednesday is 10 miles so I see the same thing happening.

It is extremely hard for me to run during the week after working 11 hour days and a 40 minute drive home. I usually get up at 4:45am and don’t get home until after 5. So by the time I feed the dogs and get ready, it’s 6pm. So that means that by the time I finished my run…it would be dark and I do not like doing that. Mainly because I worry about my footing in the dark and afraid I’d turn my ankle or worse. I have one of those headlight things but they are bothersome.

I read that marathon training’s purpose is to break your body down and I can certainly feel that in the last couple of weeks.

Yesterday I ran 5 miles and it was a beautiful fall-like day for my run. I ran part of it on the MKT trail that took me downtown and then I ran through the District. I ran through Mizzou campus and downtown and home which gave me 5. But as beautiful as the day was, my run felt bad. My time was good but I felt worn out.

Today was 9 miles, tomorrow is 5 again. 14 miles on Saturday which will seem like a breeze after 18 this past Saturday! Next week will be the hardest with finishing it off with the 20 mile run.

So this morning, I walked the dogs and got ready to hit the road for 9.17 miles. It was drizzling rain and got pretty heavy in the last couple of miles. I ran downtown, through Mizzou campus…up and down many inclines and ran for about a mile on the MKT trail. It was hard and mainly because I don’t feel well and it was in the rain. I was still tired from 5 miles last night……my body is just tired. I did enjoy the run the morning and I love running through the campus and seeing all those young people of all walks of life hurrying to class. Downtown was very busy so that distracted me a bit and I enjoyed that part.

Now I’m even dreaming about running. Last night, I dreamed I was running barefoot on a beach in Santa Cruz. I really missed not having a vacation this year in Santa Cruz. I love the feel of the cold, wet sand on my feet. I try to run as close to the ocean as possible with waves crashing my feet often. In the distance, you can hear the fog horns and sea lions. I love the smell of the ocean. I would take deep breaths so I could inhale it as though to save it for later. I loved the way my heart would race trying to beat a big wave coming in around the bluffs as though trying to block me from running through and often it did. I love seeing the other runners out for their morning run. I love seeing people sitting on the beach with their cup of coffee just enjoying the view. I love running while looking for cool things on the beach like an intact sand dollar or a crab trying to make its way back into the ocean. I stop many times just to help a little fellow back into the water. I love finding the most incredible starfish and shells. I love spotting dolphins and sea lions frolicking in the ocean near the shore. Only once have I seen a whale and it was exhilarating. I love watching the seagulls crowding the beaches to find left overs from the night before beach party.


I am pretty much couch bound today and happy for that. I’ll probably do some laundry but for the most part, I’ll be hanging out with my sweet puppies. I miss them too. So much running takes away my time with them.

I’ll be puppy cuddling for the rest of the day.

Beach Rules: Soak up the sun. Ride the waves. Breath the salty air. Feel the breeze. Build sandcastles. Rest, relax, reflect. Collect seashells. Run in the sand. Barefeet required” ~ author unknown (but could have been me) 🙂


Battered Runner Syndrone

Sometimes I feel like I am wasting precious time with running more specifically training for the marathon.

I’m 54 years old….I’m on the “decline” of life….(runner’s reference).

I love autumn weather…it’s my time of the year. I love everything about it: cool temps, football, camping, smell of wood burning, leaves turning, hoodies…..

I especially love Saturdays in autumn. Saturday was an incredibly beautiful day. I spent almost 3 1/2 hours running and rest of the day trying to recover from it.

Sunday I slept in a bit as much as I ever do with 2 dogs knocking at the bedroom door. I wasn’t as sore as I thought I’d be. Kevin and I walked the dogs, got groceries, went to a neighbors open house and had a couple of beer and enjoyed socializing a bit. I watched some football and read some running blogs.

And before I knew it, the weekend was over and now I’m at work.

Life is so short.

I can’t quit thinking about my brother whose life is being cut short…..very short. I will be getting a call in a few days to arrange our visit with him and his doctor at Vanderbilt in Nashville. Our hopes and prayers are that he will be placed on a transplant list. But that is a long shot and his only chance at living.

I missed Daniel and Sadie this weekend. I missed Allison’s birthday on Saturday. I miss my son.

I’m melancholy today and can’t shake it at this moment….but I will.

I wish the training and the marathon was over so I can get back to very important things…and back to things I love.

I don’t like running long distances and long hours. There….I said it.

Google Search Results

Google Search Results

Running is like an abusive lover to me. And in light of all the things going on re: NFL players abusing women..children….I’m not making light of that.

It hurts my body, it takes away my joy…..and yet I can’t leave it. Again, I am by no means making light of people who are abused in a real physical sense. I know women who this has happened to.  I get angry that someone would hit someone they are supposed to love, cherish and protect.

I know I asked for this. This was my decision. I know when (if) I finish my 26.2 on Oct 19, I’ll feel a sense of pride and accomplishment that I have never known before. I’m not going through this for vanity or pride….I’ve given that a lot of thought.


I’m doing this because I had to. I can’t explain or rationalize it.

“If you want to run a mile, then run a mile. If you want to experience another life, run a marathon.” – Emil Zatopek

And So It Was 18…

It’s hard for me to believe that I’m at this point in my marathon training. But more amazing to me is that after spending many years of my life obese, that I am even attempting to do this.

As it always goes, I ate a small breakfast and put all the stuff together in Kevin’s backpack for a loooooong run on the MKT/KATY trail.

I went to a runner’s store yesterday and bought lots of the GU Expresso Love which has become my favorite. Loaded Kevin’s bag up with water and NUUN. I took the big chance to run in those Brook’s Glycerin which I threatened to put on Ebay a few weeks ago. I still love Asics Nimbus more.

It was a cool and sunny morning. I really hope the weather is just like this morning on the morning of Oct 19 for the marathon.

Before I began, I stressed and hyperventilated a bit. HA! I’ve never done that before this training but I have had that happen a couple of times.

Once I got to running, I was enjoying the trail and it was spectacular today. It’s getting so cool here that some of the trees are already turning gold and red colors.

Truthfully, this run went so well that early in (barring any injury) that I knew I would finish it relatively drama free. I took and ate plenty of GU and drank a lot of water but I didn’t sweat that much. I never overheated and the cool breeze in my face was nice.

At mile 16, I did experience that same toe issue as before and I could tell that it was only going to get worse. At mile 17, I felt mildly nauseous and that could have been from all the GU that I ate.

I kept a decent (slow) and consistent pace. That’s what I shoot for. It’s hard to do that in a real run because your natural inclination is to start fast and think you should keep up with fast runners. That’s a mental thing and I’m usually good and blocking that out and paying attention to my own pace.

A good piece of advice that I have adopted and it does help….run the mile you are in. Maybe the best advice that I’ve received.

Kevin’s bicycle tire blew at mile 15 so he had to run beside his bike to keep up with me.

I ran today with very little drama and Kevin was appreciative of that. 🙂

I just ran and admired the beautiful nature all around. I listened to my music and pretended that I could see the finish line at the RnR STL. 🙂

I don’t want it to sound like it was “easy peasy,” it was not. But, I never became winded at all and could have carried on a conversation with someone if I were running with someone. Sometimes, I just sang.

After 14 or 15 miles….it became mental.

I’ve read by many that the real marathon begins at mile 20….that worries me! HA!

When we got home from the trailhead, Kevin and I sat in the car for a while and I just started crying uncontrollably…out of the damn blue! I should have been happy but I kept telling him that there’s no way I can get 8.2 more miles. He was sweet and told me that I never dreamed I’d run 13 miles, 14, 15, 16 etc.

It was an incredibly beautiful day and I’ve been inside all day recuperating and binge watching “Dexter.” I told Kevin that I felt like I wasted a beautiful day. He said “are you kidding? You ran 18 miles on a beautiful trail, in beautiful weather with nature all around. You made the best out of your day….not everyone can say that.” He’s right. 🙂

Kevin made a good homemade chili with sharp cheddar cheese on the top and saltines….just like I like it. He and the dogs have babied me all day…..another reason to run. 🙂

“Remember the feeling you get from a good run is far better than the feeling you get from sitting around wishing you were running.” -Sarah Condor