No Pain, No Gain?

I woke up feeling pretty good today and mostly healed from 16 miles on Saturday.

The right hip injury is weird and it hurts to lay on it but I can run on in. Anyway, I hope it heals completely.

I felt good while walking the dogs this morning and the temps were cool and breezy. It came a big rain last night so I think it will get muggy before the day is over.

Now for a rant about how much I hate gyms.

I decided I’d go there and do the precor bikes and eliptical for cross-training to rest my running muscles. I thought I may get an upper body workout also.

I’ve been paying $50 a month for this membership since Dec 2008.  Now, that’s not much for a family membership but it may be if you don’t go but twice a year. I used to go everyday when I weighed ~300 lbs…and consequently, didn’t lose a single ounce.

So today, as usual, the place was crowded with the usual people. I’ve been going there off and on for 5 1/2 years and it never changes. In fact, many of the very same people are there doing the very same things and looking the very same way.


– people who jack the speed up on treadmills and hold on while walking fast
– people who don’t wipe their ass sweat off machines when they leave
– people who talk on the phone or text while on the equipment
– people who jack the speed up and have no resistance on the eliptical
– people who bring their kids in the gym area and it’s clearly stated DON’T DO THAT!
– people who wear cologne to workout
– the  Lululemon spokesmodel with tons of makeup on and pretty hair worn down
– people who smell like smoke or just body odor
– people who sit on machines socializing with others..this isn’t a fucking night club
– people who grunt when they lift weights
– people who drop weights
– men with big, built arms and skinny legs…do some calf raises or something
– the machine hoarder – laying your personal shit on it while you move around
– farters – I may have on earphones but I don’t have on noseplugs
– people working out in jeans
– people who stay on the cardio equipment for more than 30 minutes when people are waiting (this is posted in big letters as a no-no)
– people who eat while working out. I once saw a big girl eating a bag of cheetos while on the precor bikes
– people who walk in the run lane
– people who change the channels without asking others in the cardio room
– people who don’t put away their weights
– people who sit around and watch your workout…get the fuck busy on your fat gut and stop watching me or others
– people who gather and openly make fun of others
– people who snap pictures of hot girls or fat people to facebook or send to their friends…(ok, maybe I did this once when a big girl was working out in a g-string type thingie…but only once. Oh, and the cheetos girl.)
– Naked people socializing in the locker room. My husband tells me old men are the worst…..he’s seen some things 🙂
– Selfie taking in the gym…and especially if I am in the frame. I don’t look good when I workout…neither did the selfie taker.
– people asking what my tattoos mean
– the unsolicited advisor on your form…get the fuck away
– people who don’t know a damn thing about proper form
– people looking for a date
– the no shirt guy (also posted as a no-no but no one cares)

~Love this article “10 Most Annoying People in the Gym

*I’ve seen them all and most today*

Ok, I just finished off that bag of “Kettle Brand Barbeque Potato Chips” while typing this.

  “All truly great thoughts are conceived while walking.” 
Friedrich Nietzsche

5 thoughts on “No Pain, No Gain?

  1. Ohhhh you go girl!!! You know, I’ve found myself working out more and more at home because I’m kinda tired of some of the people at my gym. There are some mean girls that say things and guys that keep following me around. I just wanna scream I’M MARRIED!!!! I know whatcha mean!!! XOXO!!! Also, I’m so glad you woke up today feeling great!!! Yaaay!! Such great news!!! XOXO!!!

    1. I love working out at home. I have many things for a great workout. The gym does have nice things but it’s not worth it! I get angry being around people doing annoying things especially laughing at others. I especially get annoyed when people bring kids in an area where people (me) are swinging kettlebells. Have a great week, Kristin!

  2. I love your list! I swear every one of those people exist in every gym I’ve ever worked out in! It’s part of the reason I work out at home, or outside 99% of the time! I did just join a YMCA (First gym membership in over 3 years) so I could start swimming laps again, but don’t plan on using the rest of the gym….all though I should do a pool edition of this! Lol

    1. I don’t know why I keep my membership. Well, my husband goes more often than I. It’s always the same and it hinders my workout so I don’t know why I go. I guess for the punishment? lol I don’t even go in the pool even though they have a nice one. I have another list for people in the pool who annoy me! 🙂

  3. Love this list! I remember one guy who grunted so loudly that it sounded as if he were having sex. I think he got the most complaints out of anybody! I’ve also seen women who do these ridiculous acrobats on the machines to show off to others – why, I don’t know!

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