Rock ‘n Roll with Meb

I am still experiencing pain in my right hip. I do feel it’s getting some better but what is it?

If I go to my doctor (a non-runner), she will say to not run for a while to let it heal. I can’t do that right now. It’s dead-nuts serious now for my training. September is a big month and I need to stay on schedule as much as possible.

October will be taper for 3 weeks….I’m looking forward to that although I do hear bad things about taper week…like going nuts and gaining weight.

Last night I ran my 4 miles and it was pretty warm outside and with it getting darker sooner, I can’t push it til 7 pm anymore.

Tonight is 8 miles and that will be very difficult. It’s warmer today and if I do my 8 on the MKT trail, with all the mud and trees, it will be slippery and dark and make it harder to do 8.

I hate to entertain this thought but I might have to do it on a treadmill or maybe in the neighborhood. I’ll look for a movie to watch “Field of Dreams” or “Tombstone” are a couple of my favorites. I’ve already watched “Kill Bill Vol 1 & 2” on the treadmill recently.

It’s cooler and cloudy out right this afternoon so I’ll see.

8 miles???? Next Wednesday is 9 miles. It’s the mid-week mid mile runs that I hate more than any Higdon training.

Saturday is a step back week and 12 miles which will seem like a 5k after last Saturday’s 16 ugly miler. πŸ™‚ I’ll be in St. Louis this weekend and it looks like the high for Saturday is 77 degrees and I like that.

I have a lot of things going on in my life right now: my brother’s health situation, my son’s health, Kevin’s mother’s health, job dissatisfaction, managing 2 households and marathon training. I’m holding it together pretty well right now with the help of Kevin, Peyton and Eli. I am sleeping well except for the aches and pains of running in an old body! HA!!

Running may truly be my therapy but I will be so happy when I step these feet over the finish in after 26.2 in the “Rock ‘n Roll St. Louis Marathon” on Oct 19, 2014. I want this over!

Tonight at “Fleet Feet” in a suburb of St. Louis, Meb Keflezighi (Boston Marathon 2014 Winner) will be meeting and greeting people. You will also get to run with him. Unfortunately, I cannot go to do this tonight but it would be awesome! Some of my friends are going and I’m jealous. First, I can’t get off work early enough to drive there in time. Second, I really need to get in 8 miles tonight.

I hope he’s there on Marathon day. That would be a nice treat.

Meb in our great city of St. Louis with our Cakes πŸ™‚

They (Rock ‘n Roll Marathon Group at Fleet Feet) will also be introducing the full marathon route tonight. I’m anxious to see that. I know the HM course and ran it last year. But near mile 13, the marathoners will go one way…the HM runners the other way.

If you want to become the best runner you can be, start now. Don’t spend the rest of your life wondering if you can do it. ~Priscilla Welch

5 thoughts on “Rock ‘n Roll with Meb

  1. Hey!!! I wish you a wonderful 8 miles today!! You’re a rock star!! You’re going to do great!! XOXO!! Mid week runs can definitely be tough! So sorry to hear about everything going on in your life now!! 😦 I wish you and your family nothing but the very best of everything!! Have a fabulous day and run!! XOXO!!

  2. You have lot’s and lots going on, Charlotte! I’m amazed at how together you are with everything being what it is. Take one day at a time, right? I hope that your family’s health takes a quick turn for the better soon, and you get relieved of all of that pressure.

  3. I have had issues with hip stuff in the past…and I have to tell you it stinks! I know how that feels and it sucks that stuff like that happens in the middle of your training. But…there is hope! Have you ever seen a chiropractor? I know they are controversial to some but it could be hip alignment issues. A lot of that stuff is connected to your back as well and really you should make sure all of that stuff is stable and well taken care of with all of the running that you do. Other than that…rest…rest…did I say REST? It won’t derail your training if you take time off…you will feel better in the long run if you do so. Continuing to run though issues like that will only make it worse. Definitely look into the chiro if you can!

  4. Too bad about missing Meb! You really have a lot going on now, hang in there and I hope things get better. It does seem like the go-to answer (and safe one) for doctors is to stop your sport and rest. Maybe you can find an alternative like chiropractor or google that will give you some pain relief. Keep icing! I saw your cakes when I was there, hard to miss them. Cute! Good luck with your 8 miles πŸ™‚

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