8 Miles of Hell

My 8 mile mid-week run was absolutely, hands-down the worst run I’ve ever had.

I believe that from the start I didn’t hydrate enough like I normally do. In order to get the run over, I didn’t eat dinner before and that was another mistake. I did eat a Bonk Breaker within the first mile to try to compensate.

Within 2 miles, I knew this was going to be a long and arduous run. I did a downtown run because I thought that would be more distracting. It wasn’t.

In addition, I only took my small hand-held water…another not so smart move. My right calf felt like it was tight and I worried that I would pull it with all the inclines in the downtown.

I actually had to stop at a downtown Jamba Juice and buy a chocolate milk and a bottle of water. I still have 4.5 miles at that point. My quads were wasted and did not want to run.

At mile 6, my right foot and toes started cramping up. One of those cramps that basically stopped me in my tracks to try to work out. I was near my home and thought so much about calling that disastrous run finished. At this point, both feet were cramping up.

I almost ran or dragged-ass home at 6 miles but I kept thinking it would work itself out. It did not. I was suffering and had to stop frequently to try to stop the feet cramps.

When I finally did get home, Kevin and the dogs greeted me at the door. I was crying and so frustrated. Kevin gave me a big hug and rubbed my feet. Peyton and Eli jumped on me and licked my feet! 🙂

I showered and started researching why my feet did that. It was more than my feet but that’s where the pain was. My entire body tried to shut down on this run.

The reason for longer runs in the week is to train you to run on tired muscles. I think I failed that training run!

It was a disaster but I did have the will-power to finish and that was a take-a-way from this 8 miles of hell.

I couldn’t sleep well last night due to leg cramps so all in all…it was a shit run.

I woke up very tired and barely got out of my office today.

I felt better as the day went on.

I drank plenty of water today and even put NUUN in my water during my run.

Today was very hot so I did my 5 miles tonight on the treadmill while watching “Criminal Minds.”

I did a slow treadmill run but burned a  lot of calories and worked up a great sweat.

I’m showered and watching the season kick off of NFL Football Green Bay @ Seattle. I ♥ Football Season

“It’s supposed to be hard. If it wasn’t hard, everyone would do it. The hard…is what makes it great!” – Tom Hanks in A League of Their Own

5 thoughts on “8 Miles of Hell

    1. I did it but I didn’t feel good at all about it. Those semi-long runs during the week are very hard for me no matter what. I work 12 hour days then coming home to run is hard. Especially if its hot. Weather is cooler now so maybe that will help Wednesday for my 9 miles 🙂

      1. I’m definitely thinking the cooler weather will help!! I know, it’s so gross to run in hot/humid weather!! Yuck!! You’re going to do great!! XOXO!!

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