Presents for Runners

And as the world turns…..

I am coming down with a cold!!!!!!! I felt it yesterday late in the afternoon. Instead of my 9 planned miles, I ran 4 and was planning on picking up the 9 today (Thursday) and the main reason was because the temps today are very cool and even cold!

I went to bed early but felt chills coming on and a sore throat. I couldn’t fall asleep so stayed up a bit watching “Cold Case.” Another of my binge TV watching shows.

I almost called out of work sick today but thought I’d go in for a while and I may cut out early and at least try to run some of my 9 miles. I think I have a slight fever.

I still plan on giving it a try to at least get some miles. Tomorrow is rest day and I really need to feel better on Saturday when I attempt 18 miles.

I still don’t know where I’ll be running it. I still prefer to run in the city St. Louis and not on the MKT trail. It makes me comfortable to run the marathon route and that’s what I would attempt to do if I do it in St. Louis.  Again, Kevin wants to stay in Columbia.

A part of me wants to stay here too so after the run, I love being laid up sore and tired in my CoMo home and my nice, big temperpedic bed. 🙂

Last night while I was running 4 on the treadmill, my Achilles felt sore plus the strained quad muscle plus coming down with a cold! I’m a beast….right?  HA!

On another note, I received a big package of Brooks running gear that I ordered off at a discount.


These are my new things! I love Brooks “Run Happy” stuff 🙂



I also ordered this….not running gear because it looks just like my style!

And it’s also time for my September Stride Box…..

It’s Christmas for Charlotte!

“Today I will run what you will not so that tomorrow I will run what you cannot.” – author unknown

 ~Never Forget~


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